This is how you can rock animal prints in summer 2020

COVER STORY / 2020-04-29

This is how you can rock animal prints in summer 2020

Animal prints – a very much heard-of trend that seems to have solidified its place in the annual trend calendars. And sometimes, irrespective of current trends, animal prints have made way to our closets, time and again. Safe to say, this print can now be considered a timeless trend. Although, sometimes even the most experimental fashionistas keep animal prints for the colder months, teaming them with darker hues. We are here to help you take a walk on the wild side this summer. Animal prints can look just as beautiful during the summer because it works as a neutral base, and can be worked into most looks, whether you opt to go bold with leopard print trousers, or prefer a more subtle approach with shoes or accessories.

There are numerous reasons why you should wear animal prints this summer – the best of it being these prints can make any outfit look fresh and trendy. The skin pattern of leopard, cheetah, zebra, tiger, crocodile, cow, giraffe and snake look daring, bold and sophisticated, of course if the styling is done right.

And Talking about spring-summer 2020, trust us, the cool tiger or edgy snakeskin will be your favorite . But, you need some ideas and cues from influential fashion girls on how to wear animal prints. Across the whole of the Instagram world, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t own at least one standout animal-print piece (and may we add doesn’t look INCREDIBLE whilst wearing it). That's why we have made up a beautiful collection of various bloggers, editors and fashion addicts wearing animal print clothes. Sit back and relax, you’re in for some visual therapy and lots of useful information!

1. Animal print dresses

The high street style has taken a leaf from summer dresses featuring leopard print often. The rather conservative leopard print dresses can help ease anyone into the trend, but, a zebra print dress is equally sassy, and you should definitely give it a try this year. While you wear animal prints in an obvious way – dresses, it’s important to keep other accessories minimal. This way, you let your main outfit shine, at the same time don’t overkill it.

Carefreeness is the first word that comes to mind with this tiered leopard print maxi dress. Keep things airy, while the flouncy sleeves are purely adorable. Enjoy the beautiful weather on a sunny day with casual leopard/cheetah print dresses. If you want to bare some skin,  then opt for an off-the-shoulder design that gives a boho vibe to the look that is perfect to pair with some espadrilles and a sun hat.

Lastly, We understand that rocking animal prints means you’re effectively toeing the line between dangerous and tacky. Hence, to keep your look sophisticated and subtle for day-to-day office wear, wear the amount of print what you’re comfortable with, but also feel free to play around!

2. Animal print bottoms

Wearing animal prints as bottoms is not as tricky or daring as it sounds. It’s actually quite simple, as you can pair a whole array of things on top with leopard print trousers or a zebra print skirt. Leopard print fitted pants transcend seasons, so you can bring them out year after year. 

You can wear the same printed pants with a denim jacket or a matching blazer. There are very few rules and this is a bring-out-some-summer-freshness zone.

For a comfortable off-duty outfit, pair cool printed track pants with a white tee and sneakers. To make the same look a bit more dressy, swap out the sneakers for a kitten heel sandal.

Like other animal prints, the earthy hues of cow print lend themselves to a range of styling options.

3. Animal print tops

How to Wear Animal Print to Daytime Drinks?  Style an animal print blouse with distressed denims for the ultimate summer outfit. A neutral-coloured animal-print top is perfectly appropriate for warmer weather, especially daytime dressing. We love how the same leopard print top looks with cool jeans or chic pants skirts. To take the same blouse to work, swap the jeans with straight trousers, add some  minimal gold jewelry and you're set.

Boldly embrace the animal trend by mixing together two different prints in coordinated hues. Choose contrasting prints for topwear and bottomwear. Finish with a pop of color, like sandals in orange or blue.

4. Animal print accessories

Don't be afraid to go bold for a night out with your girlfriends or a sunday brunch. Pair a colorful sequin dress with an animal-print bucket hat for a playful combination. Or throw on a giraffe print headband with a white summer dress. You can also try on statement black sunglasses, with a printed scarf for fresh vibes, add a contrasting animal print handbag to your animal print outfit. Go by your instinct. Remember to keep it elegant and voguish!