How to wear t-shirts like a fashionista?

TREND / 2020-03-04

 How to wear t-shirts like a fashionista?

T-shirts have become a staple in everybody’s closet. These simple yet fun clothes are the perfect option if you are looking to dress low-key, but their versatile personality makes them worthy of being dressed up too! If you were to arrange all your clothes from casual to ultra-fancy, these babies would probably end up in the middle. They can be punk-rock or the-girl-next-door, depending on what kind of a vibe you’re going for. But as far as clothes go, they definitely are the easiest to pull over your head, and style with a plain set of denim!

Having said that, learning to team up a T-shirt like a fashionista is a skill worth learning. Everyone should master the know-how of putting together the simplest piece of clothing, and make it look glam. The T-shirt has changed our perception about what constitutes as workwear, or going-out clothes. This humble piece of clothing has emerged as the new comfort and versatile item that can be easily combined into multiple outfits.

Style it with a skirt

Put on your best pair of tighty white-T-shirt that fits you like a dream. Tuck it into a bright coloured trendy midi skirt. Slip into a pair of cute boots to look chic and comfortable all day long. Another interesting way to dress up your plain white Tee is to wear it with a metallic, shiny midi skirt to really bring out the diva in you. Pair it up with some statement jewellery and you’ll glow, girl!

Style it with a blazer and cutoffs

Blazers seem to be the new it-trend this season, and you can cash in on this trend by pairing it with your (not so)boring T-shirt. Pairing it with a pair of shorts might read a bit too casual depending on where you’re headed, but adding a blazer and two-toned heels will definitely elevate your look.

Style it with a suit

Grab all the attention to your colourful suit by pairing it up with a plain white t-shirt under it. And if you want to make this look even more trendy, pick out a pair of thick-soled sneakers to match this ultra-contemporary vibe. Although even a pair of kitten heels will make it look killer!

NO.21 Combo Oversized Asymmetric Tee

Style it with a cool jacket

If looking edgy is something you identify with, then look edgy yet insanely chic in this ensemble. Opt for a striking leopard print jacket and leather pumps to catch that sophisticated vibe. Choose a slouchy black tee and skinny jeans to make it look not-so-fancy! Genius!

Style it with a bustier

If you’re a fan of drama and theatrical moments, this one’s for you. Pair a white or black t-shirt with a lace bustier, a pair of skinny jeans and hot pink heels for that perfect diva-like demeanour. Pick out an evening bag that compliments your OTT look, because life is a runway, so why not dress for it? The pop of your bag will make give the outfit the needed edge, and the bustier will make your t-shirt all the more interesting.

Just wear it as a dress

Get inspired by Hailey Bieber and give the T-shirt dress a try. Pair it up with fishnet tights for that goth-chic vibe. Wear some combat boots to complete this look. If you’re scared of the t-shirt being too short, you can purchase a t-shirt in a larger size, or pick out a size from the men’s section. Alternatively, choose one with a longer hemline that’s specifically designed to be a dress. Et Voila! You have a new outfit!