Get your hands on these 2020 Pre-Spring Trends!

COVER STORY / 2020-01-08

Get your hands on these 2020 Pre-Spring Trends!

Trends may come and go, but the mark of a real, lasting shift in women’s style is when you see a fall fashion trend immediately become the ruling street-style look of the spring season. That was the case for one of this month’s largest trends, which we’re calling the Haute effect. 

If you saw Hedi Slimane’s Fall collection for the French house, it revisited its ’70s era with pleated skirts, blazers, knee-high boots, and girly blouses, all of which became the uniform for many women this season. It’s easy to see why; the look is simple but not completely minimalist and feels oddly refreshing after years of bolder statements.

On the extreme other end of the spectrum were looks that captured the energy of fashion’s new and upcoming wave of designers, the talents who are designing for the next decade and the next generation. 

Those are just two extremes we saw outside the Spring 2020 trending shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, with other spring fashion trends fitting somewhere in between, from shades of beige to dynamic neons and quite a lot of fashionable guys too. 

So here are our some trends that will be seen ruling the coming spring-summer runways!

A bit of Haute

Did you ever think that a pleated knee-length skirt would be the season’s new must-have? We saw women in straight-off-the-runway old-Celine versions, as well as some vintage skirts—the point is you can’t tell the difference. They were often accompanied with tie-neck blouses, trim blazers, and knee-high boots. Some also traded their skirts for sleek trousers, neatly accessorized with a top-handle bag; on both counts, it was an elegant, straightforward pivot from the over styled, good-taste-meets-bad-taste vibes that dominated fashion for so long. It makes getting dressed a breeze as well! We’re thankful!

ALEXIS Valdas High Waist Maxi Skirt

An entire spectrum

For those of you who would rather stay at home than wear a camel coloured blazer, bright hues were a treat to the eyes. On the runway, we saw them on rather simple items, like Adut Akech’s sweater and slip skirt, and they made easy, bold statements mixed up together: vivid colours like cobalt and emerald, lemon and fuchsia, teal and orange stole the show. Let these photos be your inspiration for the grey winter days ahead; nothing lifts the spirit like a bright neon sweater.

Frou Fashion

Thanks to the influence of many London based designers Molly Goddard and Simone Rocha, a romantic, ruffled, exaggerated dress has evolved from a momentary spring trend into a veritable wardrobe staple. For some women, like Vogue’s Lynn Yaeger, it’s something of a daily uniform. We saw women in extensive tulle frocks by Goddard and voluminous, layered confections by Rocha, as well as more basic versions in black or white. What stands out is how women are wearing them: offhandedly, with boots or sneakers and not your regular five-inch stilettos.

The Next Gen

It’s very tempting to call these looks punk-rock, but that would suggest a similarity to the ’70s and ’80s, and this is somewhat different. Some of the details have surely been revived from that time – studs, spikes, plaids, heavy boots – but in a way that feels more futuristic than copied. Consider it a window into how fashion will continue to evolve in the 2020s, fueled by forward-thinking designers like Eckhaus Latta, Telfar Clemens, Alessandro Michele, and Marine Serre.

Rule the fashion circuit in the coming months with these absolutely on-trend looks that are bound to turn heads. You’ll know we told you so!

PHILOSOPHY DI LORENZO Puffed Shoulder Sheer Sequin Striped Top