From Dresses to Hair, Bright Colours Are Trending This 2020

COVER STORY / 2020-01-15

From Dresses to Hair, Bright Colours Are Trending This 2020

We all have those days when we get tired of the dull greys and monotones and feel more inclined toward vibrant colours and patterns. Colours may seem insignificant, but according to science, colours have a role to play in our psyche and has the ability to alter the perceptions we make of life. If you think about it, through bright colours fashion, we are consciously or subconsciously communicating deeply with each other. Just with the use of colours, we can perceive a range of emotions without the need for spoken word or text. The roles that different colours play in our life is far-reaching and absolute in the way it narrates a different story every time.

Whether it is adopting the use of colours in design, marketing, or elsewhere, there’s no place where you can have so much fun with colours than in the fashion world. From bright colour combinations to bright colour outfits, even bright colours for hair, and bright nail colours for summer, stay on top of your fashion game with the trending bright colours fashion

Trending Bright Colours Outfits This Season

With many of us still reeling from last season’s minimalist trend with a lot of neutral shades and black and whites, this season has paved way for some much-needed oomph and glamour in the form of bright statement colours in fashion, as well as a comeback of the black and white trend of last year. Many luxury designers presented a range of colours ranging from the rusty, olive military green to bright pinks and purples, hues of aqua and iridescent shades of fluorescent. 


Looking for colour inspiration to revamp your 2020 wardrobe? From bright colour combinations in fashion to bright colour outfits, here are key colour trends to watch out for in 2020 – 

Flame Red

Generally when it comes to fashion, wearing the colour red is associated with boldness, brightness, warmth, and excitement. It also exudes youthful exuberance and turns back time when it comes to any age. This season stay on top of your style game in the flame or scarlet red shade. With red being the colour of love, passion, sexiness and power, draw your attention to this vibrant colour, as it an absolute must-have this season.

Cobalt or Cerulean Blue

Blue is truly a colour that remains an all-round favourite, and so it wasn’t surprising when Pantone announced Cobalt Blue as the colour for the year 2020. Blue is generally associated with intelligence, trust, efficiency and serenity, and exudes a sense of calm. According to colour psychology, it is said that blue clothes are often chosen by kind, sympathetic and polite personalities because of the calming effects it has on both the wearer and the observer. This season, bring out the inner fashionista in you and stay true to your blue by indulging in some blue fashion favourites.

SELF-PORTRAIT Liliana Floral Lace Midi Dress

Minty or Aqua Greens

They say that green is a colour that exudes trust and camaraderie. It is also said to have positive effects on the brain and can impact our mental and emotional health positively. Green is also said to be the colour of money and wealth, so all the times you head out to that extravagant weekend party and can’t finalise on your outfit for the evening, you can count on your go-to choice as green. This season, stay bright and youthful in the many different shades of green dresses right from the runway to your clothes rack.

ULLA JOHNSON Alia V-neck Stripe Pleated Mini Dress

Tangy Orange

A colour as vibrant and energetic as Orange is bound to give you sheer happiness. The shade is said to be associated with flamboyance and vitality, and can sometimes be perceived as shrewd or clever as well. But who cares for the downers, when there’s so much you can do with tangerines and oranges. This season, top designers have presented their collections and if you take a peek, you’ll notice orange was on their mind. So be it that party, or family event, or work-wear, or your black-tie events, you can find a trusted partner and friend in this timeless shade.

KENZO Tassel Hem Turtleneck Cropped Sweater Poncho

Trending Bright Colours for Hair This Season

While many of us fret those bad-hair days, there are the few of us who are always a step ahead, and hoard on the season’s best hair trends in the hopes of always looking young and fabulous. When it comes to hair, remember that 2020 is not just ripe for bright colour clothes but also bright colours for hair – the holy grail for hairdressers. When it comes to hairstyling, especially bright colours for hair, there are quite a few trending shades that will bring out your inner fashionista this season. 

Here are 5 hair colour trends to watch out for in 2020 –

Hair Colour #1 - The Strawberry Blonde Shade

Hair Colour #2 - Hot or Pastel Pink Shades

Hair Colour #3 - Dark or Light Brown Shades

Hair Colour #4 - Dark or Light Black Shades

Hair Colour #5 - Icy Blonde or Silver Platinum Shades

Bright colours 2020 could have come as a response to the previous years’ minimalist obsession, or springs from a general desire for self-expression. Either way, we’re loving that slowly the idea of less is more is replaced by a newer more is more form of expression when it comes to fashion choices. In 2020, in every area of the arts, right from fashion down to literature, we’ve seen a sway from pastel and calmer hues to a more bold and rebellious stance. While the lavenders, lilacs and pinks are becoming passe, these bright colours for 2020 are already on their way home.