Your Winter Must-Haves Are Here: Stylish Travel Accessories for Women

COVER STORY / 2020-01-01

Your Winter Must-Haves Are Here: Stylish Travel Accessories for Women

It’s that time of the year when the long holidays are here, and some take a break from the frigid cold and travel to a warmer place, while others replace warmer places for snowy winters. For us, the best reasons to welcome the winter is the chance to wear those cozy winter outfits like warm stylish sweaters and mustard pullovers that call out to us, marking the beginning of winter. While there are many trending accessories for women this winter, we’re here to indulge in some of the best travel clothes, and runway travel accessories while we prepare for that long vacation ahead. Here are some of our top picks for the season —

Stylish Travel Accessories for Women

Pick #1 – Hermes Sweater

When it comes to sweaters and scarves, we all know that Hermes is an all-time winner. This winter season, if you’re sitting at home wondering what to give your loved one, or thinking of the best travel clothes for that week-long getaway, or just scrolling through the internet to indulge in some season’s shopping, this Hermes sweater is just the perfect treat. Of all cozy winter outfits, the timeless Esprit Casaque Hermes sweater is both classy and sophisticated and renders a familiar old school charm.

Pick #2 – Scarves

When you think of the best travel clothes for women, you can’t forget the scarf. From being a fashionable and statement accessory, and iconic on the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana to Dita Von Teese and Helena Bonham Carter, the scarf is exquisite among travel accessories for women and dons the varied hats of style and fashion. Here are our favorite scarves of the season: 

Celine, Fall Winter 2020

The Celine, Fall Ready-To-Wear Collection has some beautiful earthy undertones and scarves that trump our list of must-have travel accessories for women. What caught our attention most were those scarves so sharply draped around the outfits on the models. This tops our list of must-have-cozy-winter-outfit, and we’re drooling already.

Pick #3 – Sunglasses

This winter is the best time to invest in some stylish oversized sunglasses for the long winter holidays ahead. Of all the fall/ winter 2020 sunglasses trends, the oversized sunglasses and the black Matrix-inspired glasses have taken over the runway. With stylish winter frames from the likes of Louis Vuitton to Christian Sriano and Armani and Givenchy, these frames make for the perfect add-on in that list of travel accessories for women

Pick #4 – Splurge on some Stylish Winter Bags

The croc-effect seems to have overtaken the winter 2020 collection for bags. From python inspired textures to faux crocodile skin and fluffy handbags, the animal print seems to have made quite a comeback. Here are some of our favorite bag looks from the Winter 2020 Fall Collection:

Time to dig out those long kept savings and treat yourself to the trendiest accessories for the coming winter. Cozy up these winter holidays with the perfect mix of winter travel accessories for women, and indulge in some cozy winter outfits that will help you stay warm and stylish while on that vacation.