Your Ultimate Makeup Guide: Lipsticks that stay on

TREND / 2019-12-11

Your Ultimate Makeup Guide: Lipsticks that stay on

Whether you’re a working woman, a student at university or a stay-at-home mom, one thing every woman struggles with is finding that perfect shade of lipstick. On average, every woman will reapply her lipstick at least 3-4 times a day depending on the number of meals she consumes and the kind of lifestyle she lives. With that kind of statistic, who can blame women for looking for that ideal lipstick that will rid them of this worry? Lucky for you, we have curated a list of Beauty Trends of 2020, and that is just what you need: Lipsticks that do not desert you when you need them most, provide you with moisture, are the perfect shade and most importantly- lasts all day long.

The next natural step is usually figuring out which shade of lipstick actually suits you best. Lipstick shades look different on different skin types. If you’re confused as to how to pick out the best shade for your skin tone, here are a few pointers to remember before picking out a shade. 

To start with, understand your skin tone. To test a shade of lipstick to your natural color, apply the lipstick to your lower lip and compare the shade to your upper lip. If you find that these shades are very different, you need to look for other shades. 

Once you are done selecting a color that compliments your skin tone, understand the end-use of your lipstick: Do you want your lips to look larger or smaller? Lip shades with a matte finish can cause lips to look thinner, while glosses and shimmery shades will make your lips look fuller.

The perfect shade of Red

Ever wanted a red that would just not come off? A red so deep it would leave you feeling like you were in a 70s movie? If yes, then we know exactly what you’re talking about. A girl should own a shade of red that perfectly compliments her skin tone and makes her lips look lush and full. If you are looking for a lipstick that ticks all these boxes, may we recommend the BY TERRY Lip Expert Matte? Enriched with moisturizing ingredients, its formula ensures flawless application and long comfortable wear with a vibrant kiss-proof finish. So no more smudging, and no more reapplications for BY TERRY girls! 

Dreamy Pink Hues

Whether it’s Fuschia, a bright neon pink or a neutral pink hue. Shades of pink are something every girl needs to own. This color not only brings out your natural complexion but makes you look more feminine. If you are looking for a luscious pink color to turn heads, you must try to catch up with this trendy makeup look with Rosy Kiss and trust us, it will change your life!

Maroon to save a life

When the leaves start to fall and cooler temps take precedence, it’s time to switch your tank tops for leather jackets and your sandals for boots. It’s also time to re-arrange your makeup vanity. This is the time you can experiment with deep, sultry shades you’ve been saving for the colder months. Whether you adjust your makeup looks to the season or not, a wine-colored lip is a must-do for the Fall-Winter season! Get your hands on the best of makeup with BY TERRY’s Rosewood Kiss.

Winter Makeup trends may come and go, but quality products will stand the test of time. If it’s lush red lipstick or that lip liner that you just can’t deal without, we all have a weakness we just can’t resist, but make sure you are using only products that do your skin right. So ladies, take care of your luscious lips this winter. Stay hydrated, and make sure you are only using quality products on your skin because you deserve nothing less!