Autumn/winter 2020 makeup trends: 5 winter makeup looks

TREND / 2019-11-13

Autumn/winter 2020 makeup trends: 5 winter makeup looks

Winter brings with it a vibe of playful spookiness that can be seen in everything. Autumn winter 2020 makeup trends saw this trend coming to life with designers choosing to go dark with beauty on the runways. Some timeless classics confirmed the fact that they will always be relevant, and some Avante-Garde looks were brought to life. Quirky and artsy lashes made a case for themselves while pops of color seemed to be a favorite among designers as well. The runways came alive with an eclectic use of shades, bold liners and just a hint of messy style that fit the winter mood just right.

This season brought with it many noteworthy trends. From dark and gothic Halloween costumes to makeup looks that can be borderline terrifying, there were many incredible makeup looks that deserve a spot in your Go-to winter 2020 makeup trends!

1. Smokey Eyes

Colors might have been at the helm of all past fashion shows, but black smoky eyes were what seemed to take the cake this year. Dark, bold and messy were three things that could be noticed most during eye makeup trends winter 2019-2020. Makeup artists brought the smoky eye back to life with black taking over their palettes. Setting a classic rock and late ‘90s vibe, the complexion and lips were kept au-natural and hair was kept minimal, sleek and tied back for a stronger impact.

2. Dewy Days

Winter can be extremely harsh on your skin. So you need to take special care and make sure you’re moisturizing a good amount, so as to keep your skin looking dewy and healthy. This season, all designers and makeup artists took to making heathy-skin a priority. Seen on runways were absolutely bare faces that were flaunting health and vitality. Glowing, dewy skin was the look that seemed to take over many high street runways. Many designers including Victoria Beckham and Pat McGrath adopted this trend perfected by minimal use of foundation, a bright complexion, and neutral winter eyeshadow looks.

3. The Punk Look

From bold eyeliner to bold lips, makeup artists did not hold back on the unapologetic vibe this season. Reimagining cat eye and bold mascara and kohl, the looks were made to look like something right out of a Tim Burton movie.

4. Back to ‘70s with Disco

There’s no such thing as “too much Gold” and this makeup trend is here to prove it! Bring out the glam goddess in you with this trending winter make-up look, splashed all over autumn winter 2020 makeup trends. Gold eyes were something that were only limited to festive dressing, but this season saw all sorts of looks complimenting this trend.  Michael Kors fashion show saw models don this trend mixed up with a smokey eye for maximal effect.


5. Dramatic Lashes

Dior, Giambattista Valli, and Brandom Maxwell Fashion shows all had something in common: dramatic lashes. Eyes took over the spotlight during autumn winter 2020 makeup trends with major emphasis on the lashes. This new makeup trend was seen as extremely artistic interpretations during these shows where the eyes were highlighted with blunt sixties style kohl at the Dior show. With thick coats of mascara layering the eyelashes, this was one way of doing makeup that could be adopted in an everyday fashion. One thing we noticed about this trend was that the rest of the makeup was kept as minimal and natural-looking as possible.

Bring out your best features by choosing a trend that would suit your face type, and move on to experimenting with different and bolder styles that complement a winter aesthetic. For the colder months, opt for darker and bolder colors that would look best with a neutral winter wardrobe. So bring out your best with these eye makeup trends in winter 2020 to make your 2020 look even better!