The Ultimate Guide For Cold Weather Skin Care In Winter 2019

TREND / 2019-10-16

The Ultimate Guide For Cold Weather Skin Care In Winter 2019

When the warmest days of the year wind down and it’s the beginning of the autumn-winter season, it’s usually a bittersweet time of year. Talking about the sweet things, a fun-filled wedding season is upon us that calls for bachelorette parties, and also, new fashion trends get unleashed, plus the Christmas jingles seem far less distant, the list goes on. On the other hand, harsh cold winters that bring along a catalogue of cold weather skin care problems, tops the list of the bitter things. Winter often means dry and damaged skin caused by the snowy havoc. Dry patches, tightness, fine lines, breakouts and more. But what if we say that all you need to be prepared to face the cold waves ahead is a fail-proof skin care guide? In this article, we have covered a set of skincare in winter essentials for the best skincare regimen. And the best part? The season of celebration comes calling for breaking myths and we’ve done that for you, ma belle!

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The first rule of thumb while combating the winter weather side effects is as simple as giving your skin and hair a little extra love, i.e. TLC. Trust us, all it takes is swapping some of your usual beauty products for something a little bit more helpful for extra dry conditions. Let’s jump right ahead into dealing with the myths first, before the temperature starts to drop, skin worries are on the rise!

Myth #1 Exfoliation is not important in winter.

Well well, exfoliation doesn’t really have anything in particular to do with the weather, ladies. Exfoliation is done using a scrub to get rid of dead skin, leaving behind a smoother surface that will prepare a supple skin to soak up all that moisturizer. The only thing you need to swap is your exfoliator based on the weather conditions. Thicker or harsher exfoliants may work for summers but winters call for finer exfoliating particles, with mild ingredients. Also, remember not to over-exfoliate your skin. One time per week should be enough during the winter season. Pro tip: every once in a month, try out a facial peel to really exfoliate away dead skin. This is an optional step to combat the weather's harsh effects.

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Myth #2 Using a sunscreen is not necessary in winter, and certainly not needed indoors

A myth is a lie in disguise, so here’s the truth: UV and UVB rays from the sun can go right through clouds and damage the skin at any time of the year. So, it's non-negotiable to use a sunscreen lotion or gel that contains a good amount of SPF. even in the wintertime to keep your skin protected. Winter sun, combined with glare from the snow, can seriously damage your skin. It’s ideal to use sunscreen of at least 30 SPF all year round, outdoors as well as indoors. Apply sunscreen to your face and all the other exposed parts of your body about 30 minutes before you go outside. Reapply frequently if you stay outside for a long time.

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Myth #3 The rosy tint on your cheeks that you get from being exposed to the cold for long is healthy and normal.

We all love that flush of red on our cheeks, but mind you, redness in the cheeks during winter could be an alarming sign, warning that your skin is totally dried out, and in the worst case, it can even mean you have broken capillaries from the wind. Don't worry—it's not as scary as it sounds. Deal with the red patchy skin by rehydrating skin with an essential oil based moisturizer, or try a home remedy by whipping up a nice oatmeal mask with honey and avocado for a quick fix!

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Myth #4 Heavy duty moisturizer is the key for preventing dry skin.

Without a doubt, moisturizer is an important key for healing and preventing dry skin, but remember the good old saying, ‘Less is more’? That applies here as well.Thicker doesn’t mean better. We can assure you that heavier creams don't necessarily work better, and they may even clog your pores. Now that’s not what we want. When it comes to soothing dry flaky skin, it's actually the ingredients of a moisturizer that matters, and not how thick it is. Try a moisturizer that contains natural oils like avocado or coconut oil. Steer clear of creams with fragrances and additives, as they can further irritate the skin.

If you currently going through or if your skin is prone to psoriasis and eczema, we strongly recommend that you should speak with your dermatologist about the correct medicines and a good, basic moisturizer for the winter months. If you’re prone to acne and comedogenic breakouts, you want to stay away from petroleum or oil-based formulas. Go for one that contains lipids instead.

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Now that we have made you steer clear of the most common cold weather skin care myths for winter, here are some additional tips for the love of your skin and how to take care of your skin!

  • Avoid long, hot showers. Long is the word you should focus on here. While a hot bath or shower is almost a necessity during the colder months and sure feels great, it can strip your skin of important oils. When possible, use lukewarm water for your face, and hands. Also, try to control the bathroom singer and introspector in you if you’re taking a hot shower, prolonged exposure to hot water with further dry your skin out.
  • Use a winter face serum. Face serums have become a fad lately and for all the good reasons, must we add. Start off any cold weather skincare routine with a lightweight mild serum that has a hydrating base. Serums containing hyaluronic acid work well for these months.
  • Use a butter based lip balm every 2-3 hours. Cold weather can lead to painfully chapped lips, that at times start bleeding and you end up having that unwanted  and unhealthy red tint all over your lips. Even the imagination of it is painful, ouch! You need a truly emollient balm that can correct and prevent the damage.
  • Don't forget about your hands skin-care. A moisturizing hand cream should always be kept by your side because dry skin in winter happens on more than just your face. If you have to wash your hands more, to prevent cold and flu germs, make sure to use soap or liquid that has moisturizing ingredients.
  • Use Coconut oil based products. We all know how beneficial coconut oil is to consume and apply on skin. Our grandmothers have vouched for it, then our mothers and in 2020 we guess, our boyfriends are vouching for it too! Afterall, coconut oil is the (easiest, cheapest and most effective) solution to everything, right? Using products with alcohol content can have a drying effect which turn can irritate the skin. In particular, avoid peels and other astringents, which can be very harsh on your skin. Organic or virgin Coconut Oil is the new ‘must have care-all’ in the health and beauty industry. It can be used in numerous ways to keep you looking and feeling your best. It can act as a moisturiser, rejuvenator, and the list goes on. Coconut oil is also the holy grail for the best skincare routine for dry skin by nature, especially.