Turn Quarantine into Care-ntine with these influencer approved skincare tips

COVER STORY / 2020-04-15

Turn Quarantine into Care-ntine with these influencer approved skincare tips

While the world fights back with the pandemic we all know about, most people have been working from home following social distancing. Being stuck at home comes with a silver lining of the ‘gift of time’. Work from home might be taxing for some, but it also gives you more flexibility and access to everything at home all day. Self-care act is a great starting point because your body is what matters the most at the end. 

Some days, your skin looks almost flawless, healthy to look at and glowing. And, there are other days, when you feel like your skin has degraded and you’re not ‘as beautiful’ as you felt otherwise. We’ve stalked celebs and influencers to pick 6 of the best skincare tips that can keep you engaged while yielding great long term results. Mind you, we’ve skipped the heavy-duty makeup tips or essentials recommendations. So, if you’re here for top skincare products suggestions, then we’d say- tis’ the time to go au-naturale!

1. Analyze your habits

As women,  our bodies go through a helluva amount of hormonal imbalances and coupled with seasonal changes. As a result, – our skin goes through a lot. And, right now is a great time to try something new on your face and body, from every morning till evening. To make the transition, ask yourself: 

  1. What does your skin really need right now that you have been ignoring? 
  2. Should you really have drank more water every day? 
  3. Should you wake up 5 minutes earlier to save time for proper skin cleansing? 
  4. Have you made way for dark circles while you were too busy scrolling through Instagram late night? 
  5. Have you forgotten that you have recently become a part of the need-anti-ageing boost tribe?

Answer for yourself and then adapt your daily routine for skin care routine, and products accordingly while indulging in some guilt-free self-care.

2. Give your skin time to BREATHE

It’s not just you, your mind, your body and your skin are also adjusting to the new indoor environment. Sit in your jammies and relax. Let your skin go makeup-free. You need to take a hard look at unfiltered, natural skin, to understand the true nature of your skin.Going makeup-free every now and then is recommended as a part of skincare for sensitive skin as well. And to throw in some motivation – well, you’re not the only one who’s bare-faced. Celebs are showing off their enviable complexions on social media. Check out some of the healthiest looking faces below.

Julia Roberts’ skin looks divine as ever, at 52. We hear her secret is, generously applying sunscreen on her face every day, even indoors.

Katy Perry seems to be doing ‘skincare in your 30s’ well, during the quarantine. Pregnant Katy posted a selfie and her makeup-free skin looks radiant.

Eva Mendes posted a photo that revealed her goddess-like glowing face. The actress swears by coconut oil, and she uses it on her face as well.

3. Sweat the toxins out

In two words- stay active. Exercise is proven to be really good for both our physical and mental health. Thanks to YouTube and fitness apps, there is ample amount of content (paid and free) available on the internet. We are listing three free apps for you-

  • Yoga with Adrienne
    Adrienne is a well known and well-loved yoga teacher. Her Youtube channel has over six million subscribers. She’s down-to-earth, and offers yoga classes lasting from five minutes through to an hour.

    Here’s the link to her Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/yogawithadriene


  • Nike Training Club
    Nike is one of the most trusted brands for authentic fitness content and motivation. Stay active during the ‘free time’ by downloading the app and making use of heaps of free workouts you can do from home. It also features wellness and nutrition guidance from fitness industry experts.

    Here’s the link: https://www.nike.com/au/ntc-app


  • Blogilates

    Blogilates is run by Cassey Ho. She posts detailed content and her videos range from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. She designs her workout videos for maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time. 

    Here’s the link to her Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/blogilates

4. Skin care Routines

  • Morning skin care routine

    Start your morning by applying an ice cube on your face, let it dry and then wash it. This will keep the skin glowing all day and your pores tight. Next, moisturize. You can’t skip sunscreen either. Do these 4 steps as your morning routine and keep it simple, and fresh.


  • Night-time skin care routine
    Although your skin is more preserved from dust and other toxins that can clog your pores, it is still important to exfoliate gently. Use some leftover coffee residue and mix it with few drops of honey, and rose water. Use this paste as an organic exfoliator, every alternate night. You can use this scrub on your entire body as well. Make sure the coffee granules are fine and not chunky. Next, spray some rose-water or any toner of your choice. If you want to skip your night serum, just have a glass of your favorite detox drink and sleep well.

    Additionally, as the weather is changing, you can make a DIY face pack to make your skin glow. Add half a teaspoon of semolina to one teaspoon of gram flour. Add a pinch of turmeric to this. You can also add a tea-spoon of curd or milk to it, if your skin is not sensitive.


None of us are pros at being locked inside our homes. It’s ok if you’re ‘not doing it well’. Don’t let the stress of not doing enough or sleeping 2 hours extra, get to you. Your mental health plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of your skin. Take the time to recharge yourself. Don’t stress out, whenever you feel anxious, play some Iggy and just sweat it out!

6. Watch what you eat

Last but not the least – this is a great time to change your food habits. What you consume is an essential component of self care. You are at the ease of your kitchen, where you have the liberty to plan and prepare your meals wisely (we sincerely hope you’re not eating out or ordering in right now!). Rule number one: stay away from processed food. Especially when the physical activities are reduced, processed food can have a significant effect on your skin and hair. Eat fresh vegetables, fruits and salads as much as you can. Eat light food with fewer spices, and watch your skin and body glow.

Remember, to fight the coronavirus spread, social distancing is a really important step. Make this time worthwhile – take some time off, slow down, brush up an old skill, fight skin issues and pamper yourself. From a good routine for clear skin with home remedies and testing organic products, you must try different ways to boost your skin health right now. Happy Care-ntine, everyone!