These hot shoe trends that will rule in 2020

TREND / 2020-04-08

These hot shoe trends that will rule in 2020

We have come to an understanding that 2019 was all about animal prints, the nostalgia from the ‘90s and a departure of the dad sneakers. So naturally, we’re extremely excited about what this year has in store for us. Will it be sneakers again, or the ugly shoe trend? With NYFW still lingering in our minds, and hearts, we’ve rounded up a few fantastic styles and trends that we think will definitely be the hot talk of the town. According to the industry’s top buyers, these trends are going to be taking over all runways this year. Keep an eye open for hot brands like Bottega Veneta, Prada, Nodaleto who tend to take control of the reigns when the next best trends come around!

The Thigh-High Boots

These thigh-high boots have come back with a bang. This shoe-trend was seen ruling the pop charts in the 90s and 2000s with Britney and JLo leading the way. In 2020, they seem to be coming back to life. We can hope for some surprises and additions in the classic shoe-style, but elongated toes, or variations in the prints and heel styles of the boots. If you are big on maximal prints, then rejoice, because these high-high boots will be covered with a kaleidoscope of rich colours, animal prints and shades of blue and cognac.

The Loafers

Fall 2020 season for shoes will not be about sky-high stilettos yet again. It feels like it’s the right time to celebrate the trend of a comfortable shoe which is not a sneaker. The return of the loafers and brogues seem imminent now that women are turning to more functional aspects of fashion rather than just the aesthetics. We are totally loving this trend because of how designers are interpreting these styles in more feminine and soft styles, and are introducing new patterns, colourways and details into them.

The Lug Soles

The Lug sole boots, and particularly combat boots, are very important for this season, according to many buyers and merchandisers of the season. What we are most excited to see is the updated version of these boots in new fabrics with contrasting lace, and shearling details for a warm and cosy vibe. Experts also think that a resurgence of the platform boot is predicted, and not to count out this trend in the near future. Chunky soles in combat boots which were made popular by Prada and Bottega are still expected to be favourites.

The Minimal style

Although we saw the resurgence of busy and maximal prints in 2019, there was an equal uprising of the minimal and naked trend as well. The clean, sleek and streamlined silhouettes are going to remain in favour throughout 2020. This trend of monochromatic dressing requires skill to understand the tonal shoes to complete the look. The trend of square toe-shapes that we saw earlier in 2019, will also continue but in slightly softened and narrowed versions. The Row and Bottega Veneta showcased some modern and sleek styles that would take you back to a minimalist aesthetic in the RTW markets.

Marry Janes

We love anything that takes us back to the good old school days. The childhood memories, the uniforms, and especially our beloved Mary Janes! We think one should always have a pair of these classic shoes handy to complete any formal look to the T. You can wear these at the office or at brunch, however, you deem best. They are equal parts polished and fun, especially if paired with tights, skirts and a cute blazer reminiscent of your own school days!

Functional Sandals

If you ask us, we’d say the utility is everything. Unless a design is functional, we don’t want it! In 2020 we are all for comfort and purpose for everything from our fashion to our mindsets. So it’s safe to say that these Birkenstock like sandals don’t seem to be going anywhere. If runways are to be believed, the era of these functional sandals is just beginning!