Top luxury bags to invest in 2020

TREND / 2020-03-11

Top luxury bags to invest in 2020

Are you thinking of investing in luxury handbags? It definitely adds many style points to your outfit and helps you define your personality better. It’s crucial and equally important to educate yourself on which handbags will hold true value and double in value in the next 10 years. But that’s not the only thing you should think of before you scoop up your next buy.

When you decide to spend a certain amount of money on a stunning and exquisite bag, you would also want to understand it’s long-term value. It should be an accessory label which satisfies all your practical needs and make your outfits look more elegant and lasts over the years. To achieve this “It bag” status, this bag should be characterised by a certain mix of element:s must be recognisable instantly, should be elegant but not too easily accessible and have a modern and classic yet clean design. So we’ve rounded up a few options that will definitely leave your jaw hanging.

1. The Hermes Birkin

The resale value of this bag highly depends on the style, type of leather, and the hardware used. The exclusivity of these bags makes them extremely powerful. The limited quantities create an unparalleled level of scarcity that other brands are far from achieving. While there is no particular waiting list of a Hermès, there is a certain waiting period for your dream Birkin bag or Kelly. This can largely also depend on your relationship with your Hermès salesperson, the amount you would spend at Hermès over time and good luck.


The Birkin is the most sought after handbag of all. It can be spotted no celebrities’ arms like Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, and the entire Kardashian clan. The zeal for Birkins transcends both in resale and retail value. They will mostly retain or increase in value depending on hardware, leather and its demand. This would definitely make for a fantastic investment buy!

2. The Chanel Boy Bag

Another fantastic choice for an investment is the Chanel Boy Bag. This Boy Bag is fairly fresh, modern and contemporary. Introduced in 2011, it has now become a mainstay, and has joined the ranks of classic flap bags and reissue flaps. A few years ago, the bag was priced at $2500. If you go to a Chanel store today, it starts at $5100. What’s more, is that this bag typically retains at least 90% of its resale value. Definitely a win-win luxury bag investment for your arms as well as your pocket!

3. The Louis Vuitton never full

The Neverfull remains one of the fastest-selling handbags. This is because of the decline in the category of tote handbags for other brands. The LV Neverfull remains popular because of it’s price increase and high demand. This Louis Vuitton bag is the brands all-time most successful bag that comes in endless options. It also has many limited editions and artist collaborations. The bag has been worn by the likes of Cara Delevigne, Diane Kruger, and Reese Witherspoon. Its retail value is retained by at least 85%, making it an excellent choice to invest in.

4. The Chanel Classic Flip bag

While the Birkin might have become the most popular and most wanted bag in the world, Chanel still holds strong with its Flip bag. If you purchased a Chanel medium flap bag ten years ago for $1600, the same bag would now retail for $4900. This would be a 206% return on your investment. Of course, the resale value also depends on the hardware, leather and materials used. A constant favourite by the likes of Demi Lovato, Alexa Chung and Lauren Conrad. We’d say this is the perfect investment piece for that fashionista in you!

5. The Hermes Kelly

This bag inspired by Grace Kelly, the Hermès Kelly bag also increases in resale value every year. This gorgeous investment piece is a classic and happens to the favourite to many celebrities like Beyonce, Emma Watson and Sarah Jessica Parker. We would definitely put this on our bucket list, so should you!