The Best Denim Jacket Trends This Season

COVER STORY / 2020-03-25

The Best Denim Jacket Trends This Season

The one thing we all share in common today is a mutual love for denim. This season, cozy-up in a trusted pair of denim jacket or jeans, because, just like Jane Fonda & Brad Pitt, denim do get yummier with age. The age-old garment is truly home-ground and quite personal to many of us. So much that we even have our own specific fit, style, fabric, wash, and brand. We want our denim to last us long, and for the fabric to age fashionably. 

The good news for the likes of us is that the season saw some of the best women’s denim jackets. Be it streetwear fashion, casual wear or a hippie-dippie style, we haven’t had enough of our share of yummy denim jackets for women. Scroll down to get your fix of denim jackets trends 2020, as we bring you some of our favorite denim jackets in fashion this season.

Denim on Denims & Overalls

From the runways to off the runways, it was truly denim on denim galore. While many of us were wary of this trend due to too much denim, with the latest denim jackets in fashion there is no such thing as too much denim. During fashion week, many were seen pulling off the denim on denim look, often pairing boyfriend jeans with embroidered denim jackets to break the denim monotone. For a modern look, mix up your denim fabric shades, or try to play with your denim separates using different tones and washes.

Boyfriend Denim Jackets

The best part about boyfriend denim jackets is that they give you an easy-going vibe, while still high on the fashion quotient. Boyfriend denim jackets can be paired with skinny jeans and a comfy tee, or even draped over an oversized shirt or t-shirt. Additionally, if you’re adventurous, you can even turn your boyfriend denim jacket into a shirt, just the way Rihanna did it. To get that grunge look, try pairing your oversized jacket over a crop top and stilettos, and make a bold statement.

Denim Jackets with Leather or Fur Trims

Denim jackets with fur trims are an all-time favorite, and a trend seen on many stars, celebrities, and the likes. This season, you too can amplify your style quotient by stepping in denim fur collar jackets or denim jackets with leather cutouts. Go for the grunge rockstar look in a leather cutout jacket and leather pants, or get in on the denim on denim trend and finish it off with a pair of jeans. Pairing your denim jacket with a white shirt and high waist jeans is also another great way to pull off the look!

Embellished or Embroidered Denim Jackets

One of the most interesting trends that the denim revolution gave birth to, was the embellished and embroidered quirky patterns on denim jackets. Today you will find celebrities like Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and many more sporting the embroidered or embellished jacket trend. If you’re going for the denim on denim look, pair your embroidered denim jacket with a slightly different shade of jeans to make sure you let the embroidered handwork do all the talking.

Denim Oversized Blazers or Coat Style Jackets

The denim blazer jacket and overcoat trend is a favorite when it comes to fashionable power dressing. So if you’re going for the blazer or denim overcoat look, you’d better go all out and with a bang. And since denim is our go-to friend for any season, rhyme and reason, we’re counting on trusty staple denim blazers to amp up our denim sensibilities. This season, oversized denim blazers are just as fashionable as oversized denim jackets, if not more. Pair yours with a plain white tee and comfy trousers, or strut out in style with a pair of high waist denim jeans and stilettos.

Printed Denim Jackets

Many of us don't think that denim jackets have been trending for over 130 years! Levi’s founder Levi Strauss was the first to have made the denim jacket back in 1880, and the jacket has witnessed a quiet revolution since then. But fast-forward to today and it’s a new-found love for patterns and prints on denim jackets. Everyone’s sporting the look, right from models to fashion bloggers and designers. Fashion houses like Fendi and Balenciaga have made us fall in love with prints and patterns on denim jackets. This season, find your printed denim inspiration with fresh off-the-runway looks or add your own quirky twist.

Denim jackets are easy-going, comfortable, and we’ve seen them worn in many different ways – a fashion trend that won’t die down anytime soon. We love how seamlessly they blend into any look; something that can very well be seen on the runways this season. Denims have never let us down since the beginning, and we seriously can’t think of another garment that has been a true friend like a trusted pair of denim pants, skirts, jackets or overalls.