Blazers AreTrending Again: Here’s How You Can Style Them

COVER STORY / 2020-03-18

Blazers AreTrending Again: Here’s How You Can Style Them

If you’re wondering when to wear a blazer or how to style a blazer for spring – look no further. From Royalty like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle to the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and many fashionistas, the one thing we’ve seen in common this season has been the return of bold and bright blazers and pantsuits. With this post, we’re covering it all –   from how to wear a blazer with jeans, to when to wear a blazer, or which shirt to wear under a blazer

We bring you some of the best ways to style a blazer for your spring wardrobe looks. Here are some smart yet fashionable spring blazers for women, that will make you look like you’re fresh off a spring-summer catalog. Time to put your blazer phobia to rest.

Spruce it up at work in a formal blazer

A black blazer is a must-have in any fashionista’s work wardrobe. Not only are black blazers famous for literally amplifying just about any look, but they also have a knack for making those bold statements extra bolder. The best part about owning a black blazer in your wardrobe is that you have no worries when it comes to how to wear a blazer or how to style a blazer for spring.  That black blazer look doubles up as strictly formal, yet a playful flirtatious look while exuding a bold, statement-making workwear attire. 

As you prepare for the spring season ahead, add just the right punch to your daily workwear wardrobe by investing in black sophisticated blazer styles.

Run errands in a semi-casual blazer look

For those wondering how to style a blazer for spring or how to style a blazer casually, this one's for you. This spring season, you’ve got more than enough reasons to wonder, because this truly is the best time to pull some amazing off the runway blazer styles. One of our favorite things about a blazer is that you can trust it to do its job and spruce up even the most disheveled look. Be it a run to the store or a walk to work on a summery day, with semi-casual blazer styles like leather and faux leather blazers to casual yet sporty checks, or even plain jane monotones, you can step out the house like its fashion week every day with stylish casual blazer styles.

Make waves in shimmery party wear blazers

Something as trivial and easy as a shimmery blazer goes a long way in the otherwise plain outfits. If you’re walking into a party and want to make just the right kind of waves – a dark shimmery blazer jacket will do it. If the party you’re going to has a relaxed and laid-back vibe, perfect for the young, the bold and the free, a glitter jacket is truly all you need to make that transformation from casual to uber-sexy. 

Style your partywear outfit with a blazer, a dark t-shirt or shirt underneath, and a pair of metallic stilettos to stay on top of the glam game, and finish the look with a pair of bold cuff bracelets. Keep the look simple and understated. Your shimmery party wear blazer will do all the talking.

Step out and about in casual blazer styles

You can look stylish and chic in both winters as well as in early spring – thanks to the return of the blazer trend. You can invent your own stylish look with a blazer if you’re bored with the conventional styles. Adding a belt around your blazer helps give it a smart and sophisticated look. Additionally, you can choose to style your belted blazer look right below the chest or snug around the waist for a more nuanced and classy attire.

Make a fashion statement in chequered or striped blazer looks

One of our favorite  blazer styles is chequered, monochrome prints. This look has an extra bit of charm and poise to it given the tried and trusted white & black look, and the many different ways you can style it. To add glamour, pair a white or an off-white blazer with a darker shade of pants, and seal off your look with a fashion-forward clutch or purse.  

If you’re stepping out and thinking of how to wear a blazer with jeans, you might as well make it a look to-die-for. And if you’re thinking style, you know you can count on your most trusted go-to option – the classic chequered blazer print, or a striped blazer look.

Bring out your inner hippie in bold & eclectic blazer prints

Blazers truly don’t discriminate. Be it a darker skin hue or lighter tones, there are blazer looks to complement not just your skin tone, but your own individual style. While many may be prone to thinking that blazer styles are more on the formal side, that isn’t true. With newer and more modern twists to the classic blazer trend, there’s an endless range of prints, colors, and patterns for you to choose your blazer style. So no more worrying about – how to style a blazer or what shirt to wear under a blazer.

If you are more inclined toward a hippie or bohemian-chic style, we think this is a stylebook designed especially for you. Our love for a good old pair of florals or other eclectic prints finds the perfect finish with a trusted pair of brown leather boots or suede heels. If you prefer simpler monotones, you can choose to pair a floral dress or a top with jeans, and complete your bohemian chic look with a pastel-colored spring blazer or vice versa.

Blazers haven’t always been our first fashion choice in the transitioning winter months, and that is for many reasons. Maybe it has to do with the style of the blazer itself, the associations to school, or that it feels too formal. Either way, when it comes to blazers, even though we love them, it can be a struggle to find the right blazer for spring. We understand the struggle all too well. The secret to finding the right blazer is picking one that doesn’t leave you too warm or cold, yet boldly makes its own fashion statement while still being perfectly functional. This season, find your pick from some of the best blazer styles for women only on IFCHIC.