New 90’s style that’s back in Vogue

 New 90’s style that’s back in Vogue

The revival of the '90s fashion has resulted in a truly mixed bag of emotions. While the '90s can be celebrated because it provided us with now-favorable slip dresses and kitten heels, there's also a number of trends we'd like to keep in the past.  After doing some serious soul-searching, and understanding the reason behind people’s need to wear these trends, we pulled out some looks and styles that we would be proud to wear time and again. Celebrities and bloggers-alike have backed us up on this decision and have been spotted wearing similar outfits. We think these ‘90s trends are back with a bang and here to stay!

Lingerie as daywear

Silky camisole tops- Hell yes! Spaghetti strap slips and baby doll dresses were the go-to outfits for teen girl idols of ’90s inspired outfits. The “Lolita” look was worn by everyone Jennifer Aniston to Drew Barrymore, to most of the Spice Girls. However, the lingerie-inspired trend is updated for 2020 through a rather mature lens. The silhouettes remain the same, but designers are ditching cutesy frills and busy prints in favor of a more sophisticated and layered look for daytime.

Image source Tracksuits

With track pants, tracksuits and athleisure becoming a bona fide fashion category, it’s not surprising that ’90s-style tracksuits have become the next sport-inspired trend to take over street style. The tracksuits – be it the classic three stripes, color-blocked windcheaters or logos splattered all over them- was the de facto comfort uniform in the ’90s fashion outfits for teens, bands and suburban moms. And the design hasn’t really changed much over the years. Functionality remains a top priority, as well as statement colors, genderless design, and oversized silhouettes. High-end designers are expected to see designers elevate the athleisure look for the night with satins and silks as well! So lookout for some incredibly sexy athleisure loungewear.

Leopard print

Meow! We think leopard prints still have bite. The animal print left its mark on ’90s fashion through trends mini dresses, patent leather pants, skimpy slips and much more. This regrettably (or not) ended up becoming the norm toward the end of the decade. And despite being a top-selling trend in 2018 and 2019, leopard print has secured a top place in 2020 as both a neutral and fashion statement redone in non-traditional colors like neon yellow and red and nudes.


Neon colors seeped into the fashion system in early 2018 in accessories and streetwear. They exploded in the circuit in 2019 as luxury players like Prabal Gurung, Brandon Maxwell and Off-White gave these intense hues red carpet approval. The colors ranging from neon yellow to green play on the nostalgia of the older ‘90s fashion items like cropped jean jackets, mini backpacks, and bike shorts. While adding an instant cool factor to modern sportswear, the color scheme was a major throwback owing to the growing category of Insta-worthy travel wear. Expect every fashionista to go wild over these neons for spring/summer!


A huge shoutout to all the DIY-ers- you are in luck! This ‘90s inspired Tie-dye trend is a youth-driven trend that emerges every 20 years and is spiraling back into fashion in 2019 with a much more designer touch. A symbol of hippie-culture, disenchanted youth, and activism, this sums of the independent spirit of Gen Z and millennial consumers. With designers like MSGM and LV offering some psychedelic prints, tie-dye is expected to further fuel the market’s obsession for high-end versions of street, surf and skate style.

Mini backpacks

The mini backpack was initially made famous by Cher Horowitz and her squad in the ’90s fashion style teen film Clueless. The film not only proved the fact that good things come in small packages, but that they can come around after a decade and be back in fashion. Consider the mini backpack as the offspring of two big accessories trends from 2019: fanny pack and the backpack. Both the bags filled the gap in demand for more traditional fashion styles like totes and satchels. Plus, practical as it is fashionable, mini backpacks offer brands a petite canvas to play with other ’90s fashion trends like logos, neons and leopard prints.