The Royal edit: How to dress like Kate Middleton?

The Royal edit: How to dress like Kate Middleton?

Kate Middleton – the epitome of motherhood and grace. We can all agree that this royal is one of the most elegant and well-dressed women in the family. And why wouldn’t she be? She is going to be queen one day, so she’s got to look like one. Kate Middleton’s style is classic, functional and feminine. She likes to opt for strong silhouettes but in pastel and light tones. Whether she is spotted on the red carpet, or in yoga pants or sneakers, she seems to make it all work. So it’s understandable to want to dress like this royal. And of course, what we don’t have is the quarter of her annual clothing budget or her stylists’ opinion! But we do have the power of the internet, and so we’re going to find ourselves the perfect styles and silhouettes to emulate Middleton’s style!

What is it, exactly, that makes Kate a fashion icon capable of making whatever she's wearing sell out almost immediately — and make us make a beeline to our laptops to search for affordable alternatives?

A Victorian Blouse

Kate Middleton has been spotted more times than one in sheer and gleaming white blouses with accentuated sleeves. This kind of silhouette instantly creates a very sophisticated look, whether you decide to pair it with a long skirt, a pair of high waisted jeans, or just trousers. Look for French brands that have a french sensibility, to bring out that subtle sexiness. You can also opt for brands that are inspired by Victorian details, like ruffles and sheer draping.

Pick out a blouse that spells out these details more prominently. A blouse with panelling, sheer sleeves and back – this will all amount to pure romance, whether you are looking to dress for a party or after-work drinks!

Checked Blazers

The brand Smythe is one of Middleton’s go-to-brands for blazers. She has worn this brand an ample number of times. She wore a black-and-white Prince of Wales check version to attend a Volunteer celebration in November 2019. Pair it up with a pair of bright pants, a plain white t-shirt for an elegant yet stylish look.

You can also opt to wear this blazer look to the office, or for a low-key after-work drink date. This neutral, muted pattern makes it the perfect choice to pair with just about anything.

A Polka Dot blouse

The polka dot style has become a Kate Middleton special, whether they are on blouses like the one she has been spotted wearing or on dresses that she sports to many charity events of auctions. This upbeat print truly does not go out of style. This version of the polka-dotted style offers practica sleeves that reaches a few inches above the wrist and you have the option to wear it tucked in or not. With a modest v-neck, this blouse is an elegant option and does not even require any ironing! What more could you ask for?

A Floral dress

This gorgeous purple and pink floral shirt dress has instantly hit iconic status when Kate Middleton wore it to a school drop of. She dropped off Prince Charlotte for her first day at joining her older brother George at their school. This dress is the right amounts of functional and feminine and is the easiest to style with a pair of flats or kitten heels. It has a slightly basic cut and can pass of as an evening dress or a brunch dress, however, you want it.

A bright Puffer Jacker

You don’t always have to dress boring in the winter. Kate Middleton proved this point by wearing a red puffer jacket to go Christmas shopping with her kids to bring attention to a charity in London. The look is comfy, stylish and functional. Stand out in a gloomy day with this bright puffer jacket’s slim fit. Pick out a colour and style that suits your silhouette, and the season you’re wearing it in! We trust Kate to give us good advice.

A pair of Culottes

Kate was spotted wearing a pair of jigsaw culottes with a plain front and elastic back. She wore this during an outing to London’s Natural History Museum. The look was comfortable, stylish and definitely on-trend. This look has also become the holy grail of fashion moms everywhere. You can opt for culottes in different colours and patterns, and choose a style which suits your height and silhouette alike.