Fashionistas, your work-from-home style guide is here!

COVER STORY / 2020-04-22

Fashionistas, your work-from-home style guide is here!

As we continue our fight with the global COVID-19 pandemic, most of us are working from home for the foreseeable future. Many people across the globe have entered the 4th week of work from home (WFH). While some people might have no problem sitting at home, the rest of us are admittedly starting to get antsy. Afterall, who would have thought that spending all day, everyday in pajamas will be fun? Getting ready for the office everyday used to be a huge part of our daily routines. At first, it was even interesting to wash up nice and and throw on a blazer for a weekly Zoom meeting, but now, it’s time to hit the refresh button.

Furthemore, our heart goes out to all the people in the service industry, who have either lost a job during the global shut down or are working tirelessly at hospitals. So, striking the right balance between comfortable and polished, while still looking presentable enough to e-meet with colleagues is not a challenge, but a privilege we have at our disposal. Since we are at the liberty to work while we're still sitting on the couches or at kitchen tables, our WFH style needs to be comfy and cozy, with a dash of cute. While incorporating a few spring-summer 2020 trends wouldn't hurt, don’t leave the accessories behind. Clearly, there are no rule-books or hacks for the ultimate work-from-home wardrobe, and it is at large a case of trial and error.

So, to help you out, we've done some research, compiling the entire week’s outfit ideas for you, that not only look great, but feel great, too. Before you proceed, know that we have skipped the heels, boots and pantsuits. Bunny slippers, socks and pajamas under a blazer will work just fine.

Work from home looks 101 - make it fun.

Starting with the basics – while deciding your outfit, you have to successfully answer three questions first: One, does this outfit keep me comfortable and weather-proof all day? Two, does this outfit make me feel charged/motivated? Three, does this outfit feel suave enough to keep me in the mindset of working? Keeping these three questions in mind, you can put a pile of clothes and accessories aside for the week (or just for the day, if you are not much enthusiastic about the effort). Now, moving on to daily inspiration for WFH style!


Remember, not very long ago, when Mondays used to mean blues but also powerful? People tended to dress up more courteously on Mondays, after the weekend’s rest, to feel charged up for the week. Keep that spirit up, and start your week on a good (read: stylish) note.

Adding some accessories can do wonders to even a plain pajama set. We kid you not! To start Monday off, here are 2 looks:

  1. Bright as a sunny day: Choose a bright orange pair of earrings if you like to offset any blues that you might feel. You can wear a graphic sweater and a pair of wide-leg trousers to complete the look. If you don’t want to wear trousers, pick a pair of your favorite lounge pants, the perfect choice for those tough Monday mornings.

2. Classic and bold: If you want to stick to your usual neutral color palette, pull out your gold hoops or silver pendant necklace, conveniently match the jewelry with your outfit of the day. You can wear a clean white t-shirt, and let the accessories shine. Wear a belt with your bottoms to feel more styled. Alternatively, wear a sleek black flared dress and seize the day.

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow recently shared a make-up free photo on her Instagram profile, as she joins many working from home to stop the spread of coronavirus. We can’t help but notice the layered chain necklace around her neck, that seems to be paired with just a good old homey t-shirt. Who said being comfy, can’t look fierce?


Our Tuesday formula is: Shirts and skirts. The shirts say: I’m semi-formal and comfortable. The skirts say: I’m stylish and not afraid to show it. If you want to feel ‘extra’ chic, add volume and pleats to your skirt. Now, for some unsolicited advice: to get the most out of your Tuesday OOTD while WFH, be sure to find a way to stand up during your video calls to show off the skirts. Close the curtains? Grab a cup of coffee? Pop up to fetch your laptop charger? You’re welcome.


Wednesday’s approach to WFH dressing was inspired by the fact that our beloved Zoom/hangout calls capture only a small rectangular area. Are you wearing shorts? Maybe. Are you wearing sneakers with different socks on each foot? Very possibly. Wednesdays tend to get jam packed with meetings, as it is mid-week, and pressure seems to build up from the preceding to working days. And since it’s not spring in most parts, you can snuggle all-day with your cozy, comfy (but polished) sweater. Cardigans, pullovers, sweater dresses and any other knits will do. Don’t forget to take a snap of your ‘all dressed up with nowhere to go’ look!


Let’s call Thursdays the mix and match day, shall we? We are putting 3 outfit ideas for your below:

  1. The Formal Look: break out your easy, breezy summer dresses and style them with a neat blazer. Now, add a matching waist belt on the blazer, and a dash of color on your lips. Zoom outfit, complete.

2. The Semi-Formal Look: Pick a silk blouse, those slouchy, high-waisted linen pants, and pair them. Finish the look with some forgiving types of footwear, such as block heels, mules, and sleek flats. If it is cold, throw on a contrasting oversized jacket. Enliven the outfit with glossy lips and hair of your choice.

3. The Laidback Look: You can bring your favorite netflix-and-chill staple into the work week – leggings. Skinny leggings don’t have the reputation for being office friendly, but they’re perfect for your at-home workspace. You can wear leggings over an oversized hoodie or a t-shirt.


After trying comfort-first and cozy-luxe looks, it’s time to dress for Fri-yay! Get ready for the final day of the work week with some fine desk-to-dinner outfits. If you don’t want to wear your fancy clothes at home, just accessorize some semi-formal basics. Tie a scarf around the collar of a crisp white shirt or use an oversized scrunchie to tie your hair, for a little bit of added drama. Scroll down to see a curation of some stunning looks for inspiration. Just remember, it’s Friday, and there are no rules!