SS 20 Top Accessories Trends Report

SS 20 Top Accessories Trends Report

Accessories are the best way to take your outfit to the next level, and this spring and summer, there are plenty of exciting new trends to keep an eye on. Fashion is getting increasingly diverse, so you can find the perfect accessory trend for you no matter what your style. Trends this season focus on expressing your personal style, whether it's bold, minimal, edgy, or girly. They also bring the light-hearted, playful energy of the summer to your outfit. Here are the top accessory trends for spring/summer 2020.

Statement Earrings

One of the biggest SS 2020 accessory trends is the statement earring. While this jewelry trend has been popular for a while, you can expect it to really kick into high gear this summer. Statement earrings bring life and vibrancy to your face and bring a touch of fun to your entire outfit. There are so many different types of statement earrings to choose from – geometric patterns go perfectly with an otherwise minimalist outfit, while floral designs add a touch of femininity. One of the most popular types of statement earrings are those featuring bright, bold neons, which pair perfectly with a tropical inspired summer dress. This trend is a great way to show that you don't take yourself too seriously. To make it work, let the statement earrings be the only chunky jewelry you wear – everything else should be delicate, if you wear it at all. You should also make sure your makeup complements the earrings instead of clashing with them.

Sweet Sandals

Another one of the popular SS 2020 accessory trends is cute sandals, specifically ones with fun, quirky detailing. Maximalism is in, so don’t be afraid to look for sandals that feature sparkles, feathers, bright colors, and other statement-making details. Both heeled sandals and flat sandals are trendy right now, and many of the most popular sandals combine traditional summery details, like cork and florals, combined with more avante-garde geometric styles for something totally eye-popping yet still feminine. Another fun and feminine sandal trend that has come back for this season is Grecian-inspired ties running up the ankle and calf. This trend looks amazing with sweet and flirty summer dresses. Sandals are very versatile, so you can pair them with almost any outfit. However, they look best with breezy, summer pieces that show some skin.

Angular Frames

One of the most fun and quirky SS 2020 accessory trends is angular sunglasses frames. These are immediate attention grabbers and they instantly take your outfit up a notch. They immediately become the star of the show and will have people turning their heads to ask you where you got them. There are many different ways to wear angular frames to flatter your own unique bone structure and style. For example, if you want something relatively mainstream, you can opt for classic square or rectangular black frames for a hipster look, or you can go for an oversized ‘80s look if you are feeling a bit bolder. If you want to really turn heads, you can look for octagonal or hexagonal shades to truly make a statement. You can combine angular frames with some of the other big glasses trends this year, like transparent frames or frames in pastel colors. Turquoise and light pink in particular are very popular and are perfect colors for summer.

Basket Bags

Unlike the trends already mentioned here, basket bags are one of the more classic SS 2020 accessory trends. They are extremely versatile and go with almost anything, and they look very fresh and carefree. For casual outings, a large basket-woven tote with some colorful accents is convenient and looks great with a summer dress and sneakers. For a more formal event, look for basket woven clutches, which are having a major moment this season. These look great with any colorful dress and are very of-the-moment without being too flashy. Basket bags are excellent for any event where you need a little more storage space, but still want to look fashionable. They are also the perfect bags to take to the beach.