How to Make Over Turtleneck Sweater Outfits

How to Make Over Turtleneck Sweater Outfits

Turtleneck sweaters are an essential winter staple, but let’s be honest, they can get a little boring. In an effort to stay warm, you could end up wearing the same thing every day all winter. Fortunately, there are many different ways you can style turtleneck sweater outfits to make them look sleek and fashionable. The key is putting classic pieces with something a bit more edgy or trendy to make a statement. Here are some of the best ways to style turtleneck sweater outfits for the coldest days of the year.

Wear your turtleneck sweaters with statement coats

One of the most elegant turtleneck sweater outfits is the combination of a turtleneck and a long statement coat. The coat makes the turtleneck feel more classy and elegant, so you can wear it in a more formal situation. A long statement coat also balances out your proportions, making you look very long and lean. Ideally, the coat should be made of sleek, luxurious fabric to contrast the knit of a turtleneck. Make sure your coat is a different color than your sweater as well to ensure that the whole outfit isn’t too overpowering on your body. Some contrast in color and texture makes you look effortlessly cool. Keep your bottom half and accessories sleek and flattering – elegant trousers and heeled boots will look great, and you can top off the look with a statement coat.

Pair your turtleneck sweaters with suits

Looking for a work outfit that’s both professional and cozy? Try rocking your favorite turtleneck with your favorite suit jacket and trousers. These turtleneck sweater outfits are a great way to play around with contrast and show off multiple aspects of your personality. To keep the outfit from being too boring, pick a turtleneck sweater in a bright cut or a fun print. Just ensure that the sweater and suit are not too similar in color. The conservative cut of the sweater means you can get away with a more exciting or bold design. It’s also a great excuse to rock some fun jewelry or makeup since you aren’t showing much skin. For shoes, rock your favorite pair of chunky boots to keep things from looking too corporate. If it’s appropriate, you can even pair this look with a fresh set of low-top sneakers for a cute preppy look.

Wear your oversized turtleneck sweaters as mini dresses

One of the trendiest turtleneck sweater outfits right now is to wear an oversized turtleneck sweater as a dress. This manages to take a piece that normally looks cozy and relaxed and make it more flirty. This trend is perfect for a night out with the girls or a date night during the winter. The high hemline is sexy and makes your legs look miles long, but the conservative neckline keeps the look balanced and classy. To ensure the dress is flattering, make sure it hits at least mid-thigh – any longer and the dress can look heavy. For an edgy look, pair your turtleneck mini dress with over-the-knee boots. You can also add some statement jewelry, like earrings or a necklace, for a bit of extra bling. Of course, add some nylons or tights underneath if you need an extra layer for warmth.

Pair turtleneck sweaters with skirts

Another way to make turtleneck sweater outfits a bit more feminine is to pair them with skirt. There’s something very romantic and elegant about this look that will instantly give you a touch of class. There are a few different ways to rock this look – you can wear your sweater over the hem of the skirt and let it take center stage, or tuck it in and let the skirt shine. If you’re wearing a long maxi skirt or a pencil skirt, it’s usually best to keep the sweater over your skirt, but if you’re wearing a skirt with statement detailing or a cinched waist, wear your sweater tucked in. The key to making this look work is ensuring that the skirt is a very different fabric than the sweater to create contrast. For shoes, anything with a heel keeps this look elegant and stylish.

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