You'll Want To Catch This 2019 Fashion Trend Forecast

You'll Want To Catch This 2019 Fashion Trend Forecast
Who doesn't love starting off a new year refreshing their wardrobe with the newest, most beautiful things? With each passing season comes exciting fashion trends to look forward to. And who doesn't love an excuse to shop?
In this 2019 fashion trend forecast, it's all about color. There's all shades of the rainbow and everywhere in between and colors mixed into patterns to look forward to. The all neutral ensembles have had their moment, but it's time for a spectrum of saturated new colors to try.
As fashion is cyclical, many of the trends that you'll see on the 2019 fashion trend forecast are borrowed from the past, interpreted in new ways to stay fresh and relevant. You'll also see some classics elevated into modern spectacles. It's time to shake off your fashion inhibitions and get a little bold and wild – that's what the forecast is calling for!
Are you ready to be the most fashionable, Instagram worthy lady of 2019?

Neon Brights

With the 80s and 90s being the biggest decades of fashion to repeat themselves recently, it's no surprise neon colors are coming back this year. Neons bring a whole lot of brightness to the 2019 fashion trend forecast.
These extremely flashy and exciting neon colors really make a popping statement, whether you adorn yourself in an all-neon outfit or just add an accessory or two. Choose from neon pinks, purples, greens, oranges, and yellows – the options are truly never-ending.
A neon dress is one way to show off your quirky sense of style for a more lax work environment, a date, or a night out on the town. You can also pretty up your everyday wardrobe with a striking neon blazer or jacket. If you opt for just a neon top or bottom, consider going fairly neutral with the rest of your wardrobe.
Neon accessories are a more subtle way to add neons into your 2019 wardrobe. A cool neon handbag pops against a little black dress. Similarly, a neon touched necklace brightens up any blouse, and also brings attention up to your face. And a fabulous pair of neon pumps or flats adds personality to your jeans and tee.

Marigold Yellow

A color that emanates sunshine and happiness belongs in any forecast. Marigold yellow being on the top of the 2019 fashion trend forecast is truly a breath of fresh air from the mustards and super bright shades we're used to.
Yellow is by far an underrated color because some people are afraid of such a strong color. Marigold yellow has hints of orange and is deep enough that it's really quite universally flattering. Imagine the heads that will turn when you sashay away in a fabulously fitted marigold dress at any length. You must add a piece of marigold into your 2019 wardrobe not only to stay on trend, but because we all shine in luminous color.
Once again, a marigold accessory is a great way to start incorporating a bright color into your arsenal before trying a garment. You can mix a marigold yellow pair of shoes or handbag in with many other colors. Yellow looks lovely with blues and pinks and dark greens, and of course makes your deep browns and navys and other neutral colors pop.

Tie Dye

It really doesn't get any more retro than tie dye. However, the tie dye that's emerging on the 2019 fashion trend forecast isn't the stuff of the 70s. Can tie dye really be chic? Absolutely!
Tie dye in the modern age includes due-toned color stories, ombre in both one color and more, and way more than just t-shirts. You can totally do a casual tie dye tee dress and some sneakers, but you can also find tie dye spruced up in jackets, tops and bottoms, and even dresses.
Tie dye is definitely one of those patterns that has to shine on its own. You can pick one of the colors in your tie dye pattern to round out the rest of your outfit for a really high fashion look. You can also opt for neutrals and solids, so as to not distract from the tie dye and/or have too much happening in one outfit.
You might also find tie dye in different patterns, other than the small and large circles you're used to. There's striped tie dye, splattered patterns that are much more subtle, and it's even being made into more intricate patterns.

Animal Prints

Animal prints went through a short moment of being out of style, but fashionistas definitely learned along the way that animal print is a classy, and sometimes even edgy, staple in any wardrobe.
Animal prints are evolving into every facet of wardrobe pieces in the 2019 fashion trend forecast. For example, with leopard print, it's not just brown and black; leopard is coming in all colors, from tops to jackets to pants to dresses and shoes. Zebra and cow print is also a fun addition to your closet, but won't be as prevalent. An animal print jacket is a perfect statement piece to serve you through ever season, whether it's a light coat or blazer.
Animal print brings out your wild side and showcases your love of nature in your outfit. What's more, you can mix your animal print with colorful pieces for a truly fantastical outfit. Leopard print looks great against blues and reds, as does zebra.

Wild Flower

You're probably used to those overblown floral prints that we've all grown to love. In the 2019 fashion trend forecast, florals are becoming more natural and vibrant. A wildflower print is more than just the petals of the flowers; it's as if the flowers were all plucked from a field and sewn onto fabric.
Wildflowers can be slight and dainty, or really strong with saturated color. You'll also see the leaves and and stems inside wild flower patterning. There's nothing like slipping on a floral print dress for an outfit that looks super styled, while all you have to do is slip it on and go.
Wild flowers can be worn in so many ways. A jacket adds some color to your jeans and plain tops, while a floral handbag is an underrated way to add pattern to an outfit. Once again, you also show your love of nature off!

There's no hiding from it; fashion is becoming bigger and bolder, encouraging us to think outside of the box when it comes to our personal style. There are trends in the 2019 fashion trend forecast to appeal to any taste, budget, wardrobe, and personality. Are you ready to immerse yourself in all the color and all the pattern this year? We hope so, and hope your year is as vibrant and powerful as these fashion trend.