4 Tips on How to wear (faux) fur coats/jacket outfit this winter

4 Tips on How to wear (faux) fur coats/jacket outfit this winter

It's time to count good deeds, spruce up gift lists for Santa and check top 4 tips on how to wear (faux)
fur coats/jacket outfit this winter.
The cold season is upon us and nothing beats keeping you warm and stylish like fur
coats and jacket outfits. There's pink, brown or multi colored. Then come textured or animal printed.
Fur coats and fur jackets are
a modern classic in a way – it’s a classic, but designers always find ways to reinvent it in modern
looks. It’s that versatile.
You can wear it to work, to dates, to parties or plain simple if you’re
going shopping. It can bring new colors and patterns into your looks. It can add volume or hide them.
It’s both a utilitarian item and a fashionable one. It’s your best friend during cold days. It’s there
to lift your mood even if you’re wearing sweats, because there’s something glamorous about a fur coat.

Elegant Lady

If you’re the elegant lady type, opt for classic, simple, items. Fur coats outfits don’t need a lot
glitz, as they are already lady-like. Try out a roll neck hugging black dress, pearls, hair tied in
bun, high boots and a blue coat. If you need an elegant day look, opt for a blouse, trousers and
stilettos to complement a brown or light grey coat. Leave your hair wavy on the shoulders.
lady looks flatter different types of silhouettes, but you need the right attitude. Opt for black
bags to style fur coats outfits. A favorite this season is the robe-alike fluffy style if you’re
troubles choosing from so many fur models.
Tip: When wearing fur, avoid electrifying your hair
using a bit of hairspray on your legs, if you’re wearing tights, or on your hair.

Off Work

If you need fur coats outfits to lift any mundane off work style, invest in a multicolored piece. It's
easier to style in many business-like outfits. Think of dresses, shirt and blouses or even suits, and
you can also change from day looks to party attires faster. This season invest in a puffy khaki parka
piece or a brown and blue combo to upgrade your wardrobe.
Wear off work fur coats outfits with jeans,
sweaters and ankle boots, or knitted dresses with white boots for Casual Fridays. Add a beanie to keep
the cold away, bring a cool vibe with a bucket bag and you’re ready to take the party to the streets.
After hours couldn’t come any faster!
Tip: Don’t leave your coat hanging around other people in
office as it sheds a lot or always carry with you a lint roller.

Cool Street Star

If you’re not afraid to play with fashion and you’re known as a cool street star, then the pink or
bold red fur coats outfits should be your top choices. A big trend this season is to pair them with
all denim looks or to continue perpetuating the “athleisure” trend.
To take fur coats outfits a
step further, opt for leopard printed models, add a backpack and a “sleepleisure” inspired look.
Cool Street Star will definitely be your nickname. For eclectic looks, wear a black coat, put your
hair in a pony-tail, opt for smudgy cat-eyes and sport shoes. Finish the look with some cool shades
and a colorful silk scarf.
Tip: Even if you’ve made an obsession with a trendy coat, avoid
wearing it every day to maintain the material.

Time to Party

Nothing says party style like fur coats outfits. They’ll sure make heads turn. They’re perfect to
on your shoulders or even on one shoulder while you make your entrance. They will be easy to spot
you have to leave or if you get swept of your feet by romance and tend to forget it in the cab.
you’re going to a friendly party, go crazy with bear like cropped fur coats outfits in light shades
purple or even white. Be daring and wear short dresses with knee-high velvet boots. If you’re into
Matrix vibe, opt for a classic black vinyl model and stick to an "all black" look so the party style
coat will stand out. For glamorous parties, wear a sheep inspired item in black or white and pair it
with long, feminine, dresses.
Tip: Always air your coat after a party and if you have clean
snow, use
it on your coat by rubbing a bit on it, you can also throw it and then shake the excess ice.