How to Wear a Leather Jacket Like Supermodels

How to Wear a Leather Jacket Like Supermodels

Leather jackets are a key cold weather fashion item that looks great on anyone. You’ve likely seen your
favorite supermodels and celebrities rocking leather jackets lately, and you may have wondered how to
wear a leather jacket yourself. When choosing a leather jacket outfit for women, you have so many
options, so you can really find one that fits your style. Leather jackets also come in many different
colors and cuts, so you are sure to find one that will be incredibly flattering. Regardless of what your
style is like, a leather jacket is one of the best ways to stay warm in cold weather and look edgy and
stylish. They give a little bit of edge to a very feminine outfit and are a perfect way to look
effortlessly cool. Here are some of the best ways of how to wear a leather jacket and look like a
supermodel in the process.

Skinny Jeans and Pants

For a slim, sleek look, pair your leather jacket with your favorite skinny jeans or skinny pants. This
look is so great because it really elongates your frame, making you look tall and thin regardless of
your size. If you really want to play up this long line look, pair your leather jacket with skinny pants
of the same color. The monochromatic outfit will slim you while looking incredibly fashionable and
sophisticated. If you want to look truly edgy, opt for all black. If you’d prefer to look more classic,
pair your leather jacket with a set of lighter blue jeans. In particular, light blue jeans look great
with a cream or brown leather jacket.

When wearing a leather jacket with skinny jeans and pants, you can get away with a boxier cut jacket
because the pants are so tight. This is also the perfect outfit to experiment with bold colors and
designs. For example, many designers have been making leather jackets that feature glitter or even
bright patterns and sayings on the back. When you opt to wear skinny jeans, you can really get away with
wearing a jacket like this.

Style with Wide-Leg Pants

A leather jacket can also look stunning with a great pair of wide leg pants. These can be anything from
dressy work trousers to classic bell bottom jeans to bohemian floral print pants. When wearing a leather
jacket with wide leg pants, the key is to keep the cut of the jacket slim. It should fit very close to
your body and hit right at your waist, without being too short or too long. This lets the bold cut of
the pants take the stage while allowing your jacket to be the more effortless part of the outfit.

Since there are so many different types of wide leg pants out there, you will need to pair your pants
with the appropriate style of leather jacket. For example, wide-leg trousers tend to work best with a
leather jacket that’s a classic cut in a neutral color, like black or cream. If you are wearing wide-leg
jeans or boho pants, you can be a bit bolder with the type of leather jacket you wear. This is when you
can opt for a brighter color or some detailed studding – just be sure to keep the cut of the jacket slim
so the overall outfit is balanced.

Wear with Dress

Wearing a leather jacket with dress is the perfect way to add some toughness and maturity to a feminine,
girly outfit. A good leather jacket will also keep you warm and cozy on cold nights out. For a night out
on the town, pair an edgy studded leather jacket with your favorite body-hugging dress and some heels
for a look that’s sleek and flattering. For a more relaxed look, pair a more traditional, slim cut
jacket with a flowy wrap dress or maxi dress. This look would be perfect for brunch or a daytime event,
because it’s both comfortable and fashionable.

Leather jackets are a great way to balance out a low-cut dress. They add a little bit of extra coverage
to keep you warm and allow you to show a little bit of skin without it being too much. Leather jackets
pair so well with dresses because it’s an outfit you can really throw on without thinking too much about
it. This two-piece combo requires little thought on those days that you can’t be too bothered to put
together something too bold.

Pair with Skirt

A leather jacket with skirt is also a great way to wear this trendy piece. The leather jacket and skirt
combo is flattering and balances androgyny with femininity, which is a look that is very appealing on
anyone. If you work at a more relaxed office, you can wear a leather jacket with a slim pencil skirt for
a look that’s fashionable yet mature. For a fun off-duty look, pair a leather jacket with a denim
miniskirt. This look is youthful and charming, perfect for a day of shopping or relaxing with friends.
For a night out, you can rock a leather jacket with a more fashion forward ruffled skirt or body-con

The key to wearing a leather jacket with a skirt is that the cuts of the jacket and skirt need to be
appropriately proportioned. If you’re opting for a billowy skirt, the jacket should be a slim cut, and
vice versa. If you’re wearing a slouchy leather jacket, it’s going to look best with a tighter cut
skirt. Since you’re already balancing two different pieces, keep your top simple to prevent it from
being distracting.