Chic Women's Leather Jacket Outfits Will Make You Everything But Boring

Chic Women's Leather Jacket Outfits Will Make You Everything But Boring

With fashion, there are items that are classic and everlasting, and there are items that come and go. One garment you'll never tire of in your wardrobe is a high-quality leather jacket. Investing in a leather jacket gives back to you with some amazing and chic women's leather jacket outfits versatile enough for any occasion. A leather jacket not only adds a splash of something special to your outfit, but it's also an effortless way to stay warm without sacrificing style. There are endless styles and variations of the classic leather jacket that will speak to your personality and your particular fashion aesthetic. Peruse these leather jacket outfit for women to find one that speaks to you and will make you everything but boring.

Classic Riders

A classic rider leather jacket features lapel collars, a zipper, and some fun button and zipper details. While you can opt for the basic black, you'll also find classic riders are made in an array of colors to create a variety of fabulous leather jacket outfit for women. There's nothing like throwing your classic rider jacket over a white t-shirt and your favorite pair of jeans to exude timeless glamour, paying homage to your favorite movie stars of the past. It's an easy outfit to put together that everyone can pull off. Leather and denim go so well together, so your options for tops are endless. You can throw on a turtleneck, a dressy blouse, or even a sexy lingerie-inspired top. For a dressier ensemble, pair your leather jacket with a beautiful skirt with funky details or your favorite dress. Wear your rider zipped up or open and loose; both variations work nicely.

The Rockers

Who doesn't love to live their fashion life on the edge sometimes? There's nothing edgier than a rocker-inspired leather jacket to create some wild and fun leather jacket outfit for women. Think all of the studs and beads you can imagine, whether designed in a subtle way or are decorated around the entire leather jacket. A cool cropped leather jacket with studs adds an edgy element to even the most casual or dressed-up looks. It can class up your crop top and add more coverage, or it can add some shape to the most oversized tee. For a really cool and sexy look, try styling your studded rocker leather jacket as a top with denim, zipping it down slightly to expose your decolletage. For a really high fashion women's leather jacket outfit, style your studded jacket with a leopard print skirt, or any other bold print you admire. It's a play on mixing patterns that will absolutely wow for a night out.

Shearling & High Shine

If you really want to take your leather jacket collection into modern times, opt for some trending details like shearling touches or high shine fabric. You can style these styles of leather jackets to create some really special leather jacket outfit for women that'll take you to street style star status. Shearling is a cozy, very stylish fabric that adds some drama and warmth to your leather jacket, perfect for those colder months. Wear this style of jacket layered up with a long dress and some leggings or pants, and you're looking just like a modern fashion star. You can also pair your shearling leather jacket with a basic tee and pants for a casual day off. Similarly, a leather jacket with high shine is a perfect mix of retro and modern to spruce up any look. It can add a stylish boost a comfortable sweatshirt and jeans, or even a frilly and feminine dress. With these styles of leather jackets that are bolder, you can still mix and match them with virtually anything. Even pairing them with some leather pants looks just edgy enough to be fashion forward.

Belted Babes

You may be used to seeing leather jackets that are either short or cropped, but leather jackets come in so many more styles. Think outside of the box when it comes to cut, color, and even details like a belt, and you've got the ingredients for some dynamic leather jacket outfit for women. These belted leather jackets often come in thinner leather, and can even extend past the hip for a more trench-inspired style. A belt on a leather jacket also helps bring in your waist and create a bit more shape in your ensemble. These jackets can be special on their own no matter how you style them, with details like oversized lapels, high necks, and oversized silhouettes. They spruce up your jeans, your leather pants, or even your avant-garde high waisted trousers (which can also be leather).Don't be afraid to mix together leather of all textures. They can be broken up – say, a belted leather jacket with some leather booties – or they can be worn all together if you really want to make a statement.