Best Women’s Dressy Tops for Evening Wear: From work to Party

Best Women’s Dressy Tops for Evening Wear: From work to Party

The holidays are coming up, which means you are going to need items in your wardrobe that can transition
well from the workday to a holiday party or get-together afterwards. Dressy tops for evening wear are
perfect for this, because they aren’t quite as formal as a dress, but still give you a little bit of
extra glamor and sparkle. There are so many different types of dressy tops for evening wear, so you will
be sure to find one that suits your style. Here are the most exciting trends in dressy tops to check out
this season.

Ruffle Detail Top

A cute and feminine option that has been trendy on the runways and red carpets this season is a ruffle
detail top. These tops are elegant and formal, but also have a bit of a bohemian vibe that makes them
slightly more interesting. The ruffle detail top looks great when paired with edgier pieces to balance
it out, such as dark wash jeans, leather pants, and knee high boots. You can even pair a ruffled detail
top with a patterned skirt or pants if you really want to stand out. To make sure the ruffles don’t
overwhelm your frame, look for a top that has ruffles on only one part of the design, such as the
sleeves, neckline, or hem. The rest of the top should be form fitting to flatter your shape. Finish off
the look with a slightly undone hairstyle to balance the prim and proper vibe of the dressy tops.

Bell Sleeves Top

Another popular trend that takes its cue from bohemian style is the bell sleeve dressy tops. Bell
sleeves are flattering and feminine without being over-the-top. A bell sleeve dressy tops elongates
your arms and makes your torso look smaller, similar to the way bell bottom jeans elongate your
legs. Bell sleeve tops look great in subtle, neutral colors that really let the arm detailing shine,
but they work just as well in funky patterns if you are looking to make a statement. Pair your bell
sleeve top with your favorite pair of neutral jeans or trousers for a pared-down look that’s still
elegant. If you prefer something a bit more maximalist, opt for a long, flowy maxi skirt to really
accentuate the boho vibes. A bell sleeves top is a great way to get that coveted model off duty look
that everyone wants.

All About Lace Tops

Lace is an elegant but edgy material that has been all the rage lately for dressy tops. Lace is very
versatile and pairs well with many different colors and materials, which is why it works so well for
work to party transitions. There are many different ways to wear lace, whether it be just a small
detail on the hem or the sleeves, or an entirely lace top. If you are having a wild night out where
you can be a bit more risqué, opt for a sheer top that’s made just of lace and pair your favorite
bralette underneath. If you are headed to a work party, choose something a bit more elegant instead.
This new year is going to be all about lace tops, and you can really pair them with anything, so
they are a must-have for your wardrobe.

Body Suits Tops

If you are looking for something a little more form-fitting and sexy, a body suit is a fun trend to
try. Body suits are actually cut like one-piece swimsuits, and are designed to be worn underneath
pants or skirts. They are incredibly flattering because they fit close to the body, and they give
you a tucked in look without any bulges or bumps. Body suits look very modern and are a great
alternative to the more feminine, flirty tops that we are currently seeing on the runways. If you
like an androgynous style, pair a body suit with tight pants, boots, and a leather jacket for a look
that’s edgy and flattering. You can also pair a body suit with a skirt for a more feminine look. A
great advantage of body suits is also that they are incredibly comfortable, because they are usually
made with a stretch material that hugs your body without squeezing. Balance this simple look out
with some glamorous jewelry for a holiday party.