Brie Larson Does Tank Tops Outfit , Like No One Else

Brie Larson Does Tank Tops Outfit , Like No One Else

Brie Larson is an Oscar-winning actress, with her biggest role till date being Captain Marvel. As you surf through Larson’s movies, your eyes may automatically be drawn to her kicking looks where she wears tank tops outfit with the utmost vogue. Brie plays the role of Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel, and her sports casual looks are mostly muscle tank tops or loose t-shirts with shorter, curly hair. She doesn’t look ‘flawless’ throughout the movie and wore no noticeable makeup. We love Brie’s action style in rough tough tank tops and messy hair, coz that’s what one would look like while kicking bad guys’ asses. Fans are curious to see if Brie's character would wear makeup in her next big upcoming release of the year – Avengers: Endgame.

Larson, who was just as jaw-dropping as the great King Kong, played the role of a street-smart investigative photojournalist Mason Weaver in the film Kong: Skull Island. Brie’s list of movies includes Room, Trainwreck, 21 Jump Street, among others. The 29-year-old actress has spent plenty of time on the small screen as well, in shows like Community, The League, and The United States of Tara.

Larson co-starred with Samuel L. Jackson in the so-far, likely to remain the highest-grossing movie of the year – Captain Marvel. Brie and Samuel have reunited in their second 2019 film – The Unicorn Store, which is Brie’s directorial debut as well. The movie that released on Netflix in April, 2019 was debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2017, and was directed by Brie a few years back.

The American starlet has made quite a name for herself, with the like of Captain Marvel to her repertoire. Let’s take a moment and focus on the beautiful woman at the center of these huge blockbusters, Brie Larson. Here are 8 photos that prove she is the one we should be looking at for tank top outfits inspiration.

Brie Larson took flight as Captain Marvel with a chiseled body and her regular Instagram updates of her workout videos prove it. Captain Marvel, which is the Marvel franchise’s first female-led solo superhero flick, features an epic space battle and Brie’s fierce physique makes her the perfect superhero. Larson has a ridiculously ripped ‘back’ that she credits to her strength training sessions. Her workout regime includes these exercises:

— Hip Thrusts

— Push-up drills

— Bulgarian split squat

— Pull-Up Drills

— Landmine deadlift

— Bonus Drill: From “Sled” to Car

Larson in a grey printed tank top, working out with her ‘Glow’ star Alison Brie. The dynamic duo was coached by Brie’s trainer – Jason Walsh, for a workout session in September, 2018. Now that’s a double ‘Brie’ whammy!

As excited as we are to see her join the badass group of Marvel’s women heroes, this California resident’s glam look is what we are looking forward to with the release of Avengers: Endgame in April 2019. In the official trailer of the movie, Brie is seen wearing a black tank top, with her mid-length hair let loose. Dark eye makeup and a deep berry-colored lip are giving her look a bold edge. 

Brie Larson wearing a Khaki tank top in a scene on Kong: Skull Island

Brie Larson’s throwback picture from her younger days. She is wearing an adorably chic white tank top paired with a red bottom.

If you want to be stylish as Brie Larson with tank top this summer, just try to start working out first.