Gal Gadot Varsano Transformation From Miss Israel to Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot Varsano Transformation From Miss Israel to Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot Varsano was born and was brought up in Israel. Gal turned to acting after a two-year mandatory stint in the Israeli Defence Forces as a combat instructor. She is an actress, model, mother and Miss Israel who played the iconic role of Wonder Woman in the movie that was released in May 2017. Although, Gal Gadot is a heartthrob across the world for a lot more reasons than her role in wonder woman. Be it her down to earth demeanor or her delightful sense of humor, there’s a lot to this woman. The ‘Wonder Woman’ star has had an exciting life that saw her doing everything from taking part in a beauty pageant to being in the Israeli army to putting on 17 pounds Let’s take a closer look at her eventful journey and how she transformation from Miss Israel to Wonder Woman.


Gadot was an athletic child who had an inclination towards dance. She studied ballet, hip-hop, modern and jazz in school and wanted to become a professional choreographer. In sports, she excelled at playing basketball. But fate had something else planned for this 5 feet 9 inches tall beauty. She studied Law in school, and later served in the Israel Defence Forces. Even then, she continued modeling, and bagged her first MAxim feature in the magazine’s Women of the Israeli Army 2007 feature.


Gadot was scouted by a talent agent in 2004 and she went on to win the Miss Israel competition that year. Being crowned with such a reputed pageant at the age of 18 was a huge success for young Gal. She then got the opportunity to be placed in the Miss Universe pageant as well, but she intentionally sabotaged it to get out of winning. The reason for her decision is unknown.


The 33-year-old actress is wedded to an Israeli real-estate businessman Yaron Varsano who is 43 years old. His three-star Hotel The Varsano Hotel is located in Tel Aviv. The couple who met in 2006 at a lavish party in Israel Desert, had their first child, daughter Alma in 2011. They welcomed their second daughter, baby Maya in 2017.

Summing her modeling, runway and movie earnings, Gadot sits pretty comfortably on a decent celebrity net worth of worth $10 million.

When the world got its Wonder Woman

Gadot’s stint with acting started when she joined a short-lived Israeli series – babes and bond, which only lasted for one season. It gave Gadot the necessary exposure to the cameras that she would require later on. Gal started becoming popular in mainstream cinema with her role as Gisele Yashar from ‘The Fast and The Furious’ movie series. She dropped out of law school after the first year to appear in this movie which was also her first ever. Gal also made news with her showstopper performance in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2017. Her role and acting were considered equal to the actual stars of the film.

The actress also appeared in a series of smaller roles including her henchwoman role in Knight and Day opposite Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

Gal Gadot made a huge splash in Hollywood after starring in the 2017 DC comics film – Wonder Woman. The movie took the world by storm, grossing over $103 million during its opening weekend alone. Her time at the army came handy and even though she was pregnant with her second daughter during the shooting of this movie, she underwent a lot of training in Kung-fu kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, capoeira, and swordsmanship. The world really needs a strong female superhero and seemingly overnight, Gadot – who played Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman – became a household name.