Rebel Wilson's Confident Beauty and Fat/Thick Girl Outfits Style

Rebel Wilson's Confident Beauty and Fat/Thick Girl Outfits Style

Rebel Wilson is the definition of a modern woman: bold, fierce and empowered by her self-worth. The comedy dynamite who is popular for her roles in "Bridesmaids" and "Pitch Perfect’’, featured in another comedic yet inspiring role in the 2019 movie- ‘’Isn’t it romantic’’.  Although, her growing popularity has more to do with than her hilarious one-liners in her movies and life. Rebel who is often seen rocking crazy outfits with the utmost confidence, is a global advocate for self-acceptance. She makes girl trendy plus size clothing become famous. More girl are not afraid to wear thick and fat girl outfits. Rebel Wilson is a total wonder woman and here’s why.

She’s smart and a self-made boss girl

Rebel who went on to study at New South Wales to get her law degree was a math genius as a kid. In addition to being a law degree holder, Wilson is a successful comedic actress, scriptwriter, producer, and a stand-up comedian. She was on the cover of Vogue Australia in June, 2018 and was named one of Variety's Top Ten Comics To Watch in 2011. Her one-liners are simply priceless.


Rebel Wilson has shown time and time again that her audience can’t get enough of her. There are few people in the film industry as accomplished as this Australian actress. Her confidence and true-to-reality nature is something that sets her apart from the rest. Her entrepreneurial spirit and need to bring change into mindsets, motivated her to launch a killer plus-size line of clothing.

Rebel’s clothing line was called ‘Fat Mandi’ after a comedic character that she played on an Australian movie "The Wedge." The brand later was changed to Rebel Wilson x Angels. From shirts that are inspired by snacks to chic dresses, Rebel’s got it all.

She’s a ‘Rebel’

This fearless woman doesn't allow herself to be boxed in by Hollywood's ‘perfection’ standards.  Rebel steals the show with her impressive wit and ability to improvise. She has proven that she is so much more to her than just a pretty face as pushes through boundaries when it comes to Hollywood’s beauty standards and we love her for it.

Rebel Wilson, who played the lead role of Natalie in romantic comedy Isn’t it romantic, is the undisputed queen of portraying ballsy, scene-stealing characters. While the world may not be accustomed to plus-size women like herself outside tagalong best friend roles, Rebel is breaking the rules one at a time. Not only she makes sure she is ‘visible’ in all her roles but she also inspires real women through them. This rebellious Australian is a goofball, accepts her weirdness and isn't afraid to show it. Rebel Wilson is the perfect role model given her confidence, attitude and ability to laugh at herself.

She’s friends with super famous people and a total fangirl around them.

Wilson is a famous personality herself but much like us, she also has her fangirl moments. Her work makes her meet a ton of celebrities regularly. From Anna Kendrick to Mariah Carey, Rebel has been spotted out with many famous women.

On meeting Brad Pitt at a Screen Actors Guild awards ceremony, Rebel once said “I was too nervous to say anything so I just smelled his hair. It was so embarrassing. His hair smelled like unicorns.’’

She is a fighter and boss of her own life

In 2017, Rebel Wilson won a case against Bauer Media after a favourable verdict by the Victorian Supreme Court in June post a three week trial. Bauer Media has challenged the actress for $4.56 million in a defamation payout on Women's Day. While courts and legal issues could be messy for anyone, being a celebrity comes with its own downfall. You are always in the limelight and constantly at risk of losing out on your fame publically. But Rebel Wilson being true to her name did not let this case hold her back from fighting it and being honest about it like always.


In an interview right after she won the case, Rebel revealed that she “had to beg” to be let back inside Hollywood studio doors after the series of defamatory articles were published about her in 2015. The Pitch Perfect star felt that the defamation trial took away two years of hard earned Hollywood limelight. She was also dumped from the role of Jack Black’s panda love interest in Kung Fu Panda 3 as a result of the defamation.

She’s all about confidence and takes fashion risks.

Rebel is totally secure in her own skin and doesn’t let her size stop her from looking fabulous. She doesn’t hide her curves or skin and is often seen wearing crazy silhouettes, funny t-shirts, and body-hugging clothes. Her perspective on beauty in today’s world is really refreshing and there’s something for all women to learn from her positive attitude.


She made jaws drop when she appeared for the MTV movie awards in 2015 with her Pitch Perfect ladies on stage. There was a strong statement that her pretty epic costume carried with ‘Think’ written on the back of her leather leggings. She strutted in a jewelled bra, Victoria’s Angels style wings and used the stage as a catwalk.