How To Wear A Double Breasted Suit In Style? Top Blazer Outfit Guide

How To Wear A Double Breasted Suit In Style? Top Blazer Outfit Guide

If you were to peruse any list of essential items a modern woman should own, most lists would have a blazer on it. A blazer is an absolute must-have to pull together any outfit, add an extra layer in colder months, or update a wardrobe to a more professional, streamlined status. The double breasted suit is an ideal option for any woman, as it's a universally flattering, classic cut that will literally complement any outfit you put together.

How to wear a double breasted suit? The double breasted suit has been reinterpreted over time to include form fitting style, cropped and long styles, and even oversized or boyfriend cuts. There are endless options on women's double breasted blazer outfit ideas. Try one of these modern takes on how to style a double breasted blazer to instantly boost your style game and get inspiration for your next shopping trip.

Pair Your Double Breasted Blazer with Matching Suit Pants

You may not work in the corporate world, but you should still have a suit. A suit is fabulous to have on hand for those moments where you want to look polished and professional, and your pieces can be broken up for the upmost versatility. You can match your women's double-breasted suit with accompanying pants, if they are available at the shop you choose. A matching suit is a powerful statement that shows you're in charge and sure of yourself. You can play with your camisole or blouse underneath to add some colour if you go for a neutral palette.


Now, if you choose a colourful women’s double breasted suit and matching pant that is a super modern interpretation of the classic suit that adds personality to a professional outfit. Similarly, if you grab yourself a neutral coloured double breasted suit, pairing it with a patterned or coloured pant helps you achieve that “suit” look in a more relaxed fashion. A suit will just look like a basic suit if you don't have the right fit. It's absolutely essential – and for some women, necessary – to get your double breasted blazer and/or matching pants tailored to you. When the arms or the hem are too long, you may look sloppy instead of sophisticated.

Style Jeans With a Double Breasted Blazer

Pull together your classic jeans and tee outfit with your women's double-breasted suit, and you'll look like the most refined and relaxed style star out there. A simple layer, such as a tee or even a turtleneck or sweater, is the perfect blank canvas underneath your classic plaid or pop-of-colour double-breasted blazer. Wear your blazer buttoned up or loose and open; either way looks relaxed yet pulled together. Any style of denim, from your dark skinnies to your light washed boyfriend jeans instantly look more polished when paired with a double-breasted blazer.


This styling trick is perfect for a casual work setting, weekend errands, or a coffee run with a girlfriend. It's a comfortable way to look incredibly stylish without dressing up too much. Mixing and matching your dressy pieces, like your blazer, and your more casual pieces, like your jeans, helps you make the most out of the pieces you have in your closet. You don't have to spend a lot of money having a different piece for each outfit. You just have to learn to break the barriers of fashion and mix up your essentials!

Layer Your Blazer Over a Maxi Dress

Do you have to say goodbye to your maxi dresses because the weather is getting chillier? Definitely not – just throw your women's double-breasted blazer on top! A maxi dress matched with a double breasted blazer takes a casual, summery look to new lengths. It instantly makes a sassy or revealing maxi dress more sophisticated and appropriate for more occasions. It's also a nice outfit for a fall or winter wedding, adding an extra layer that's both chic and warm. 


Try finding a double breasted blazer with a pop of colour from the pattern of your maxi dress to instantly look like a style expert. Your basic black or neutral double breasted blazer takes even the most summer appropriate maxi dress into all seasons. A fitted blazer helps to break up a loose-fitting maxi dress to show off your figure. Meanwhile, a looser, oversized blazer looks just as good paired with a maxi, for a cool off-duty look. Another trick to making your outfit stand out is to belt your double breasted blazer to help create more shape. This works for both a maxi dress and any length dress, creating a more fashion-forward outfit.

Team Your Blazer With White Kicks

There's nothing that says boss babe on her day off more than pairing women's double breasted blazer with a fresh pair of white kicks. They can be your classic gym shoes, some little canvas slip-ons, or your designer kicks if you're a casual shoe aficionado. The juxtaposition between something so structured and powerful against something so casual and sporty is truly a striking look.  A white sneaker is basically an essential to any refined wardrobe, and so is a double-breasted blazer, so it's a perfect way to take your basics and make them more versatile.


If you're not into wearing heels every day, don't! Your white sneakers can look just as nice with your suit as any uncomfortable shoe. Take your matching suit and pair it with a tee and your white sneakers, and you have instantly made your work attire more weekend appropriate. A modern suit, with culotte pants or oversized pieces looks so effortless paired with your sneakers, and is a super modern look to take your style to the net level. You can really make this look work with anything in your wardrobe, even your jeans or leggings or casual trousers.