4 ways to add some style to the St. Patrick’s Day

4 ways to add some style to the St. Patrick’s Day

With the St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner it is the best time to start getting your festive outfit ready. Even if you are not into celebrating this holiday to the fullest it’s still a good excuse to come up with a cool look, isn’t it?
You might consider yourself lucky as being bold with your color choices is on trend this season. Nonetheless, let’s be frank, green is not the easiest color to play with. To make it look stylish and not overly bright make sure to add some neutrals or denim for the balance. One green item would be enough to turn your total look in a celebratory mood. Which one should it be? We have some ideas for you below.

Green pants outfits

If you study the trends of the season you could notice that a gorgeous pair of pants is a definite must-have. Why not make it green? It would look very stylish if worn right and could certainly add some color and personality to your look outside of the St. Patrick’s Day. Depending on your preference, you could search for a more sporty and casual pair, or pick something completely dressy like these printed culottes. They could be worn up with a pair of heels, or down if you add some flats and a simple top. For someone who is very afraid of color, but yet want to take part in the celebration, a stylish version of camouflage could be a good option. Just remember to add some neutral colors to complete the look.

Green jacket outfits

As it’s still quite chilly in many parts of the world, especially in the one where the St. Patrick’s Day is originated, it would be nice to find an option where you could remain stylish while staying warm. A cute green jacket would be a nice choice and yes, it’s obvious what you are thinking right now. Trust me, if you pick the right shade of green you would not look like an elf and could certainly wear it outside of this festivity. A combination of emerald green and some other, more settled tones, would balance the overall look and allow you to wear the jacket more often later on.
If you are still unsure, choose a dark-green piece that could turn out to be a very stylish addition to your everyday wardrobe after the holiday.

Flowy green dresses

Since the St. Patrick’s Day falls on Sunday this year, you might want to go a little extra with your celebration. What is more dressy, romantic and overall stunning than a nice flowy dress? The length can be picked according to the occasion and the intensity of color is also up to you. Wear something longer for a more formal outing, or a more shorter and playful version for a party afterwards. Prints are in season, so find the right one for you if you wish to balance up the green and make your overall look more interesting and eye-catching. Puffy sleeves and loose silhouettes are across the runways so choosing a dress along these lines would be a double win.

Green Accessories

Incorporating some green into your outfit couldn’t be easier than adding a hint of color with the right choice of accessories. The list of options is countless, you can add some color by using a scarf, a bright necklace or a bag. The bag indeed is a nice and safe way to play by the rules on the St. Patrick’s Day. You could choose a sporty version of a fanny pack or a green tote that could be a nice addition to your office look later on. Animal prints are still a trend, so why not use this opportunity and wear a colorful pair or snaky shoes with a green undertone? If you are not ready to play the game to its fullest as of yet, find a nice pair of green earrings that could be a stylish and festive addition to your otherwise settled look and you are ready to roll.