How much does it cost to make the best choices in clothes, just like Carrie Bradshaw? If you ask Carrie herself – she’d say about $175,000. The style icon whose role is played by Sarah Jessica Parker wears an average of 140 outfits in each season of ‘Sex and the City’.This doesn’t stop here. Carrie changes 120 pairs of heels and 100 different handbags in the show. On-camera, SJP shops at least nine times and she still has time to almost get married, actually get married (to Mr. Big), cheat on Mr. Big with Aidan (oops, the kiss!) and hang out with her best gal pals. Season 4 also shows a high-point in her never-ending fashion rendezvous when Carrie admits spending $40,000 on a pair of shoes (mic drop).

Many stylish female roles have come and gone on the television and big screen land, but none of them have quite left their mark like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the city. From the moment the first episode aired back on 6 June 1998, women everywhere began to bow down to the one wardrobe that is no less than a dream. And the woman – Carrie – who could truly pull off literally any look. Not only did SJP as Carrie took fashion in the 90s to the next level, but she, along with her main girls – Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda – changed the face of experimental fashion. Carrie particularly proved to be the game changer for high-end brands like Dior, Manolo Blahnik, and Chanel. Without Carrie, women may not be as brave with luxury fashion as they are today.

But back to the point of this post: to get your summer wardrobe as marvelous as Carrie’s. Let’s examine some of her best looks and luxe pieces from IFCHIC. Here’s to the labels you’re about to fall in love with and to the trends your wardrobe would champion and the iconic pieces to create a Carrie Bradshaw-worthy wardrobe for 2019.

The 9 to 9 Diva Outfit

Goes without saying, Carrie is a master mixer of daytime and night out fashion. What we call as 9 to 9 dressing. Including almost all the fundamental elements needed for a Bradshaw wardrobe, this chic outfit will make you look like a spitting image of luxury, head to toe.

The New First Date Outfit

Inspired by the trend that will probably be forever chic, this outfit will give you Carrie Bradshaw vibes the moment you fit into it. This is one of those mortgage-worthy numbers, that you don’t wanna miss this year.

The ‘I Am a Statement’ Outfit

This outfit is inspired by the extravagant pieces Carrie wore on the ‘Sex and the City’ show and movies. She seems to love color blocking and wore items that may seem bizarre at first but later settle down in the minds of fashionistas as ultra-fancy.

Here are some of this iconic New Yorker's most stylish moments.


The New York writer in a floral print maxi dress

A colorful outfit for a rainy day!

Extra? Who me? Yes, that’d be me!

Carrie in Dior by John Galliano dress

Any guesses for her favorite color?

J'adore le style de Carrie!

A chic white dress from Sex and the City movie – part 2