Clergerie is a French footwear brand launched by Robert Clergerie in 1981. With Clergerie’s rebellious vision on fashion and footwear, the brand was launched with two pairs of masculine brogues. The thin line between masculine and feminine, dressing chic women in men’s shoes, can be seen throughout the years of Clergerie up until today.

The revolution for this sustainable fashion brand hasn’t stopped at their vision. Clergerie is known for their introduction of different materials and manufacturing techniques to the high-end shoemaking, like raffia, cork, Goodyear welt, and Microblock sole.

As a legacy of Robert Clergerie’s vision, the brand has very precise attention to detail with no compromise on comfort. Clergerie, without any doubt, has succeeded at their mission of allowing women to be more empowered while feeling feminine, elegant and sensual.

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