Mother of Pearl

Founded by Maia Norman, Mother of Pearl stemmed from Norman’s love of sports, stylish flair, and deep connections to the art world as long-time partner to famed artist Damien Hirst. The result was highly stylish, dramatic, yet wearable fashion that soon gained notice amongst fashion editors. Season after season, Norman, together with her right-hand woman Amy Powney, partnered with various celebrated artists to produce elaborate prints for the collection. Having joined Mother of Pearl straight out of university, Powney’s years as a design assistant and time spent in business operations paved the way for her future role with the brand.

Beginning from 2011, with Amy Powney assuming the design duties as Creative Director, the brand started to see a new direction that eventually cultivated a devout following. Every fashion designer has his or her own unique signature look and Amy Powney has been no exception. Often using prints she developed herself, Powney stays true to the brand’s core by clashing patterns with her original designs to create harmoniously juxtaposed creations of color, prints, and mixed textiles.

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