Marissa Webb

Adopted from Korea when she was four years old, Marissa Webb first studied psychology at Rutgers University before transferring to FIT to focus on fashion illustration. While in school, Webb worked at Donna Karan and interned for Polo Ralph Lauren, which she joined full-time upon graduation. In 2000, Webb joined J. Crew, eventually becoming head of women's apparel and accessories design. After spending over a decade at J. Crew, Webb left the company and launched her eponymous brand. She briefly joined Banana Republic as Creative Director, but transitioned to an advisory role after a little over a year in order to focus on her own business.

Adherence to a strong point of view and having the willingness to take on calculated risks, Webb has never shied away from trying something different and innovative. Focusing on what she feels women would like to wear during everyday activities and events, Webb’s creations blend feminine shapes with controlled masculinity. Her style philosophy of complementary contradictions emphasize shape, fit, and the female outline.

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