In 2011, Stephanie Danan, a former independent movie producer, and Justin Kern, a former model-turned-screenwriter, started womenswear brand Co. The dynamic duo wanted to do something entrepreneurial and the result was a contemporary fashion line that traverses big screen Hollywood and contemporary fashion. Derived from an inside joke associated with their formative years in film about who should take co-production credit, “Co” debuted to rapid success with a series of short films starring some of the couple’s actor friends.

Chic and minimalistic with an emphasis on raw denim, Co has found a place in the advanced contemporary design category, with designs lining the walls at Barneys, Forty Five Ten, Neiman Marcus, and Bergdorf Goodman. Tailored for today’s workingwoman, central to each collection are wearability, clean silhouettes, and luxurious fabrics.

Over the years, the brand has engaged in several design partnerships, including with milliner Filù and eyewear designer Jacques Marie Mage. Perhaps most impressive has been the collaborations with famed French denim designer, Francois Girbaud beginning in 2015. Having popularized denim styles such as stonewashing, stretch, and baggy jeans, Girbaud wanted to embark on a new challenge that would bring his skills and vision to the forefront. The trio came up with a luxury jean that had minimal stretch, no wash and barely any stitching; a modern, fresh aesthetic that encompasses fit, form, and function. 

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