The Woman
By Anne Raso
Jane Rosenthal : From Dyslexic To Dynamic!

Jane Rosenthal : From Dyslexic To Dynamic!

Jane Rosenthal might be famous as Robert DeNiro’s partner in creating and running The Tribeca Film Festival—which was created from the ashes of 9/11 as “a nice thing to do for the (Tribeca) community”—but she is also a hugely successful movie producer of over 20 years with projects like Meet The Parents, About A Boy and Wag The Dog under her belt.

Rosenthal is a strong supporter of the Democratic Party and stood by Hillary Clinton in her presidential run. The 61-year-old is the mother of two adult daughters who are following in their mother’s footsteps of political and social activism.

Most importantly, Rosenthal is a great example of someone who did not let childhood bullying get her down. Being dyslexic, she was teased mercilessly by classmates and even her own family. Jane has now made Speak Up For Kids and Child Mind Institute, top dyslexic foundations, her mainstay charities.

The powerful New Yorker recently revealed, “My teachers treated me as if I was not very smart. My father just sometimes called me dumb. My mother told me I could do anything but I think that they were frustrated by me.” She added that there is more hope for dyslexic kids today: “With all the new technology you can be and do anything you want to be. There are so many ways you can learn; it is not one size fits all.”

Rosenthal has been regarded as one of today’s great patron of the arts and Montblanc Pens even gave her an award for her great achievements in this area. She has mentored many recent college graduates who wanted their foot in the door of the TV and film production business but did it without seeking any publicity at all. She stated at the Montblanc award dinner, “I never realized that the world patron applied to me. It brings the connotation of kings and queens. I’m a kid from Providence, RI. But it’s so important to support the arts. It’s the artists who shine a light on the important problems and issues that we have and if there’s any hope, it’s going to be through the work that artists do to unite us.”

Most recently, Rosenthal has spoken up about the allegations of sexual harassment by showbiz bigwigs and urged women in the movie industry to “commit to mentoring the next generation.” She stated, “These monsters…aren’t going to change their world through conversation. We have to change the world around them. Women must come forward and support each other. We must understand that an assault on one of us is an assault on all of us.”

As we go to press, Rosenthal is working on the next Tribeca Film Festival–whose offshoot Tribeca Film Institute supported 55 women’s film projects in 2017–as well as co-producing her latest major movie project, The Irishmen. This crime drama reunites Robert DeNiro with Al Pacino has a huge “buzz” and a huge $105 million budget; Martin Scorcese is at the director’s helm.