By Anne Raso

Daughter, Mom, Sister & Friend: Doing It All With A Smile

Daughter, Mom, Sister & Friend: Doing It All With A Smile

Women can play different roles at the same time–daughter, mom, friend and sister–but how do they maintain all these relationships with passion and love? It is not often easy given the full lives we lead today which leave little time for good old-fashioned untiring and quality time spent together. Things have changed tremendously in the past six decades–women have more roles to take on including breadwinner, chauffeur, coach, vacation planner and more.

Relaxing, setting priorities and planning well are key. As financial advisor Suze Orman always says, "People, then money, then things." You certainly have to make ends meet and have an emergency fund–but achieving these common goals can easily take away time from nurturing relationships.

Of all the roles women can play, being a mom has to take priority for obvious reasons. You are responsible for teaching your kids to be the best they can be. This takes up the most time along with your career and it can be tough to take off from work to attend parent-teacher meetings, sports games and more that your kids want you around for. Approach your boss and be honest about needing more personal time, expressing that you know you can do better work when you know your family obligations are met.

Having date night each week is key to keeping your role as wife or significant other fresh. Do fun activities with your hubby/BF whether they are considered romantic or not. If you find trimming the hedges together romantic, then fine! It's always a good idea to put aside a babysitting fund if you have kids under 10, and try to make the effort not to discuss the week's problems while out on your weekly "date"!

The same goes for friendships–put aside a "chick night" and while it's okay to discuss what's been both bugging you and making you happy, celebrate the relationship you have and how it has evolved into a sisterhood.

Speaking of sisterhood, enjoy the beauty of your relationship with your sister; now that you no longer live in the same household and don't experience every life milestone together, it gives so much more to talk about when you do finally meet up. Embrace the adult that your sister has become; appreciate her deep level of caring and her life accomplishments.

Time apart from you mom has undoubtedly made you miss her and want to spend quality time with her. Once she gets older and possibly ill, you will feel good inside knowing that you respected Mom and spent quality time with her.

It’s hard to make “me time,” but it's mandatory to have relaxation periods in order to excel in your personal and social life. Being frazzled all the time is no way to go through life. Smartphones have made it easier for everyone to stay in touch but at the same time has made people communicate less in person. Remember–there is nothing like sitting face to face with someone you care for.

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