GANNI - Flynn Floral Lace Mini Dress



The beauty of lace is simply too irresistible to be reserved just for the evenings. With designer offerings that make lace an everyday treat and not just an occasional indulgence, dressing up or down then, knows no time limit.

The Lace Dress

A white dress with lace accents redefines simple-yet-chic day dressing. The feminine lace detail softens up the polished silhouette of the dress –giving it balance and texture –as well as lots of personality. A versatile piece that’s bound to be a new favorite, a lace dress can be worn with ballet flats, sleek loafers or wedge sandals.

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The Romper

Delicate and dainty lace becomes more wearable in the form of a casual, one-piece garment. Playful and flirty with a demure touch, it’s an effortless outfit for that girl-about-town look. And because it is a statement fabric, accessories can be kept minimal.

The Sleeveless Top

The adult version of a tee yet just as easy to style, a sleeveless lace top becomes a wardrobe essential with all the outfit possibilities it offers. Tucked inside a pair of leather pants or worn with a skirt or cropped pants, the sleeveless lace top is a woman’s ticket to creating a subtly sexier look during the day.

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