5 Best Women's Dinner Party Dresses to Rock the Night

5 Best Women's Dinner Party Dresses to Rock the Night

There's not much better than hanging out with your loved ones or friends, eating some delicious food, and having a cocktail or two. After all, how many times do you get to get all dolled up with one of your fabulous dinner party dresses? When you're looking for a dinner party dress, don't be afraid to shake things up a little bit with some fun trends. What's fabulous about the glitz and glam side of fashion is that there are key elements that are versatile, classic, and long-lasting as the trends come and go. If you want to wow at your next dinner party, look for dresses with these beautiful and fabulous details. Everyone at the party will want to roll out the red carpet for you!

Detailed LBDS

A little black dress is by far one of the most practical garments to have in your closet all the time. But an LBD definitely doesn't have to be boring or basic. A little bit of detail makes a lot different. Look for dynamic details in your LBD to make dressing up a little bit more fun and exciting. A little black dress with feminine layering that gives some movement and flair to your collection of dinner party dresses. Sheer elements on the sleeves or hem add a little bit of sophisticated seduction, with a little hint of skin for a more informal dinner party atmosphere. Even a more basic black slip dress in a satin or silky material instantly looks glam. It's one of the easiest dinner party dresses to make a statement in with some beautiful shoes or jewelry. Plus, you can style it for other events, like work or a date, by pairing it with other items in your wardrobe.

Romantic Florals

Florals aren't specific to summer months; florals come in so many color combinations that you can truly make the beautiful print work for all seasons. Opting for a bolder floral print adds something special to your wardrobe and your options for dinner party dresses. A striking, all-over floral print in vibrant color stories on top of a blank canvas will never go out of style. If you're someone who doesn't like a big print, look for romantic floral details in a smaller, muted fashion. Some lace floral applique that mimics a lace pattern is effortlessly romantic and easy to pull off for any dinner party, whether formal or informal. It's a flattering texture on every body type as well, which is always a bonus. A little touch of floral goes a long way, even in lace floral hems on your dress' sleeves or hem. This lace detailing adds a special touch to a dress that has minimal details or one solid color.

Fun Patterns

Even with a more formal occasion like a dinner party, your personality doesn't have to be hidden. A fun pattern in an elegant and timeless cut makes sure all heads turn when you arrive to your dinner party. A beautifully tailored floor length gown in a colorful, intricate pattern is one of those dinner party dresses you can go back to again and again, for even more occasions. There are some more abstract patterns with worldly influence that never fail to impress on any fashionista. For the cooler months, look for a long sleeve. You'll feel comfortable and cozy all night long, plus, the more covered up long dress is incredibly sexy without showing skin. If you want to be a little more tame, a colorful stripe pattern or animal print is a great option you can pair with colorful accessories or neutral accessories, depending on your personal preference. These patterns never go away, so you'll get ample use out of such a statement-making piece.

Lace Up

How can you not want a touch of lace in your wardrobe? Don't think lace is just for summer – it's also perfect for a dinner party. The fabulously feminine print can be large and in charge, or small and understated. No matter your preference, having a lace number as an option for your dinner party dresses is versatile, easy to wear, and stylish enough to work for any dinner party theme. Some lace dresses feature blown up floral embroidery on top of mesh, so there's a little peek of skin underneath. If your next dinner party is not too formal, showing a peek of your lingerie underneath is so very trendy and flirty. You can also opt for a slip if need be. Some lace dresses feature a built in slip so you can wear the design modestly with ample coverage. You can also look for details like bows, exposed shoulders, and frills to really showcase how stylish you are at your dinner party.

Shine & Metallic

Many of us don't have many opportunities to dress up, so why not go all out in something shiny and sparkly? A metallic silver, gold, or jewel toned dress will have everyone complementing you at your next dinner party, as it brings out every woman's inner glow. Anything from a simple slip to a full-length gown instantly stands out when done in a metallic fabric. You can also mix metals with your accessories, and keep them fairly minimal if you want your metallic dinner party dresses to be the star of the show. You definitely don't want to go too bold with accessories, as it can distract from the beauty of your outfit. If you can't do all over shine, look for a dress with hints of shine and sparkle. Perhaps the top is decorated with metallic elements, and the skirt is one solid color.