Party Outfits for Women: Fall 2018 Fashion Color Trends

Party Outfits for Women: Fall 2018 Fashion Color Trends

The holiday season means lots of parties and events where you can dress up and play with the more fun side of fashion. One of the easiest ways to spruce up your look and make it versatile for any party outfit idea for women is to know the color trends of the year. That way, you can shop it virtually anywhere, and stay in style even long after the color trends change. The 2018 fashion color trends are colors that are staples for any wardrobe. Create this party outfits for women that both suit your personal style and keep you on trend.

All Black

A monochromatic, all-black ensemble is a powerful fashion statement. It's no longer drab or boring. Most of us can pull off this aesthetic easily with all of the black foundation pieces in our wardrobe already. Play with textures and silhouettes to bring your all black party outfit for women to the next level. Think fluffy pieces or faux fur, shiny fabrics, and patterns to mix up with your solid black pieces to really dominate this 2018 color fashion trend. A sheer moment with some touches of lace can also break up the black with some flashes of skin, which is a fun moment for a party. If an all-black ensemble feels like too much, look for black pieces with a touch of color blocking or small details with some color. An all-black outfit is perfect for dressing up for any occasion or party you're attending this year. It's a simple combination, yet it's so bold and so classy.

White Christmas

Don't be scared of white – sure, it can get messy quick, but it's just so chic and so classy and a highly trendy 2018 color fashion trend. Of course, you'll look like a snow angel with an all-white outfit, so you'll totally be on point at your next holiday party. For a more sophisticated or on-theme holiday party, you can go white from head to toe for a striking party outfit idea for women. If that's too much for you, play with shades of white to add some visual interest to your look. A pretty, flowy white blouse can be a more understated way to incorporate this color trend into your life, or perhaps a warm and fuzzy jacket will do the trick or you. Once again, you can play with texture to break up the monotony. Try a faux fur or shearling jacket on top, some white denim for a more casual party, or stark white cottons or silks.

Hot Red

Red is a color that emanates power, sexiness, and drama, which is absolutely perfect when you want to stand out in your party outfit for women and embrace 2018 fashion color trends. From light to bold, there's a shade of red to complement anyone's aesthetic. The easiest way to create that perfect party outfit is by shopping a red dress with some textured detail, like a fun pattern or some lace embroidery. Some ruffles and pleats add visual interest to the solid color for some movement to dance the night away in style. A truly bold look for any party is a special red jacket, either leather or faux leather, or perhaps a dressy trench or trendy bomber. While red has been huge for 2018 fashion color trends, it's a color you can rock for all seasons. It's obviously a festive shade, perfect for a cheeky holiday party or even a sophisticated gathering.

Modern Pink

Pink is no longer just for Barbie. This 2018 fashion color trend has transformed into something to be in all fashionista's wardrobe. The fun and happy color is perfect for an exciting party outfit idea for women. Think all spectrums of pink, from the pastels to the light to the dark and bold fuchsias and magentas. A really cool fringe jacket or blazer adds a fashionable layer to your party outfit, but can also be repurposed for work. It's a powerful shade that is not blatantly festive, but still has you looking in the party mood. A fun pink dress is also perfect for a more formal event. Look for something with lace or sparkles or little detailing that breaks up the color to truly shine. If you like pink but aren't the bold and colorful type, you can look for something with a pop of pink to play with the trend carefully. Think a jacket with some pink lining or a pattern that showcases beautiful shades of pink.

Shine On

Metallics are definitely a mainstay for any fashionista, and while they can be rocked everyday, they are party outfit rockstars. Now, shiny doesn't necessarily mean glitter and sequins; it can be an overall sheen on top of a typical garment that elevates what could be simple. A bold silver or gold jacket paired with your other party outfit basics can help you play with this 2018 fashion color trend in a more subtle way. However, you can also go outside of the box with a shining color in a jewel tone if you really want to embrace the shiny trend. A bright jumpsuit or dress worn with some neutral accessories with small detail will have you as the best dressed of the evening. You can also pair a basic blouse with some pants or a jacket with some shining details for a party outfit that is bold and on-trend without overpowering you, while you can break up the pieces for more events.