August 31, 2018
By Naima Karp
Crazy Rich Asians Wedding Dress:The best outfits wardrobe costume

Crazy Rich Asians Wedding Dress:The best outfits wardrobe costume

While the social impact and newly represented minorities in Crazy Rich Asians is a complete game-changer, so is its iconic fashion sensibility that we need to stop and appreciate. Costume designer Mary Vogt sourced high fashion pieces that The Devil Wears Prada would be jealous of.

In Crazy Rich Asians, a rich, young heir invites his economics professor girlfriend to his best friend’s lavish wedding in Singapore, so that she can meet the family. The two families in the film – the young family and the Goh family, come from two different backgrounds, and that’s clear in the looks.

Vogt knows that sometimes, high fashion looks can start to look the same, so she made careful choices with distinct and innovative pieces that the actors would still be functional in.

Eleanor Young’s character goes for high end looks that are elegantly understated. We adored her high-necked Burgundy Valentino gown and flowing cape, along with that long-sleeved, emerald DVF top. She even made us fall for sequins again with that glamorous but graceful Elie Saab dress. Nick’s cousin Astrid also stole the spotlight in a demure, pastel pink Dior dress with a cowl-style neck that Jackie O would be proud of.

Nick’s girlfriend Rachel isn’t the most glamorous fashionista in the film, but that just makes her transition from low key girl to gown-donning beauty even more breathtaking.

One of them was that Fall 2016 sky blue Marchesa gown made of tulle, which almost reminded us of of Lupita Nyong’s Cinderella moment at the Oscars. Another was that shimmering Missoni dress with a daring neckline, which she wore to meet Eleanore. And while we loved Rachel’s dramatic moments, her more down to earth looks like that red Miu Miu frock also stole our hearts.

Vogt also made an effort to source local designers from Singapore and Malaysia, to get some more authentic flavor in the film and showcase their work on a unique platform.

Carven Ong is a Malaysian artist who custom built the gold sequin jumpsuit and show-stopping Swarovski wedding dress worn by the bride-to-be, Araminta Lee. That look took 30 women carefully beading crystals over the course of three weeks to complete, and you can tell.

The dress is also a bit of an illusion -it is a bodysuit with an attached skirt which looks more like a jumpsuit than a traditional wedding gown. Instead of shoes, the body suit continued all the way to the feet, featuring more tulle knitting and decorative stones. Vogt was inspired by Swan Lake and the actress playing Araminta, who had a background in ballet.

The film was a blend of high fashion homages and a peek at new, emerging designers who have looks that are just as daring. The worlds of old and new constantly collide when it comes to style, and the looks in Crazy Rich Asians proved that. Vogt enhanced bold and beautiful; characters, without overwhelming them, nor fading them into the background.

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