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March 06, 2018
Life Style
By Anne Raso
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Lose The Blues And Make 2018 Rock

Lose The Blues And Make 2018 Rock

There is always such a huge build up to the holidays—not to mention the great times with friends and family as the “grand finale”—that the big letdown that happens right after New Year’s Day can last for weeks! But fear not as we have some great ways to lift your spirits! Here are our top five activities that will make you feel great again even if your past holidays season was full of super memory making moments!

1. Shopping therapy—you can find easy ways to refresh your wardrobe at a discount on great sites like!You can just purchase a few key items that will put you in the spring spirit like a timeless top that goes with the new feminine “blousy blouse” trend or a statement necklace that can dress up anything. Having new fashion items that you are truly excited to wear always refreshes the soul somehow!

2. Planning for Valentine’s Day—even if you do not have anyone special in your life right now, try to do something nice for yourself and be your own Valentine (as strange as that might sound). Treat yourself to a nice hour-long massage or any service that you’ve been dreaming about getting—a house cleaning might not be romantic in anyway but it seems to be so refreshing to wake up in a freshly cleaned home!
3. Buying a series of yoga classes—if you are intimidated by taking on a “regular” gym membership and are afraid of standard gym classes that might involve weights or high level aerobics, yoga is perfect for you (it is as much spiritual as it is physical). Talk to friends who have found local instructors that they have found attentive and helpful. You will undoubtedly find that yoga classes do not have any competitive element; you will feel “at peace” as you leave! BTW, we love the great Kenzo sweatshirts on for doing yoga in both style and comfort!
4. Learning to cook—you might have a busy life that generally revolves around eating out or delivery. Cooking for yourself has a lot of benefits—you know what goes into each dish, you can control portion size and you can save a lot of money. Cooking can also be therapeutic, especially when you’re in the kitchen with a friend or loved one gossiping away. Did we forget to say that there is a lot of pride in creating something delicious?
5. Finding new friends—we love and Facebook groups because they help you find new pals with similar interests. If you feel too nervous meeting a whole group of strangers, bring a bestie along. It goes without saying that strong friendships are often based on similar interests! Don’t be afraid to let your interest become a side business for you if it lends itself to that (a good example of that if you interest is in making some sort of craft).As a final note, remember that a new year is a perfect time to also finish off household projects that might have been abandoned due to getting busy over the holidays! Don’t wait until spring when you may lose momentum!
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