November 15, 2017



By Anne Raso

How to balance work and life? Tips to improve quality of life

How to balance work and life? Tips to improve quality of life

How to balance work and life? It goes without saying that most of us feel that we need a live in stylist, babysitter and live-in therapist to get through everyday life unfrazzled. Keeping things simple is always the way to go, whether you have a full-time staff or live alone. Fashion surely takes work if you go with every trend of the season and have closets packed tighter than New York subway cars at rush hour. Keep your key pieces within reach, even if it means that you have a garmento-style metal rack and shoe organizers out in plain site.

Put your five or six key pieces that go anywhere so you can “grab and go”—think along the lines of a crisp white cotton shirt, a colorful silk scarf, your favorite designer jeans, a statement necklace or pearls, a blue or black medium-weight blazer, a black fitted skirt, pumps and ballet flats. It is easier (and generally cheaper) to put the latest trend in your accessories rather than your garments. Invest in a good quality leather top handle that is appropriate enough for work. As for the “athleisure wear” trend, keep it to running errands.
Once you have your morning routine down to shower, blow out, makeup and grabbing from your rack of key fashion pieces—and doing all this in 30-40 minutes—you can write down your list of what to do for the day and cross it off either on an app or good ‘ol piece of paper as the day goes on.Make time for loved ones by giving them enough advanced notice—and that way you can aim to get your tasks at hand done by the time you meet up with them. It gives you something to look forward to! If you are lucky enough to be one of these busy women lucky enough to actually have a lunch hour, keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with a quick lunchtime date that is an hour or less. Sometimes spending less time with someone makes it more “quality talk time.”
There is something uber-sexy about casual lunch dates—and they can simply be quick eats from a food truck eaten on a park bench. Also, at the end of a workday, it’s nice to pick up eats for two and eat them on your balcony or in a nice grassy area (weather permitting). The bottom line is: keep things simple, make lists and give yourself something to look forward to everyday. One more thing: do not be afraid to say no. This is an especially difficult in the office where you are looking to gain favor, but it is also where people are trying to get the most out of you!
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