February 14, 2018



By Anne Raso

Why Comfy Separates Rule Now!

Is it the death of athleisurewear as we know it in early 2018? Well, comfy separates that look more “pulled together” seem to have taken over the streets of New York and its suburbs, replacing the “soccer mom in yoga pants” look that has been predominant for several years now! By comfy separates, we do mean items that feel soft against the skin with a lot of “give” but without looking like you are heading to the gym!

Velvet made a big comeback for Winter ’18 so it’s not surprising that its stretchy little sister velour is back as well in a more refined and matte look than in the past. All the big American designers have stepped up to bat with these separates but even Chanel and Gucci had some in their most recent runway shows.

The famous cashmere houses have loose fitting dusters and even front zip cardigans (in both 100 per cent cotton and cashmere) that are the perfect toppers for warmth on top of your soft basic pieces like T’s, leggings and stretchy pencil skirts.

The unexpected details on separates in soft fabrics often “make the look”—the lace detail on Sea’s Luna Eyelet Lace Back Combo Tee (now available on ifchic.com) is the precise sort of detail you are looking for! It dresses up what would otherwise just be a well-fitted, high quality white T-shirt. If you like comfy “investment piece” black separates that can be dressed up or down–and made sexy or subtle–check out No. 21’s Floral Lace Back Lace-Up Knit Top (also available on ifchic.com). No. 21 also features fun logo T’s in 100 per cent cotton that have the classic football jersey perforations on them.

Several of the comfy separates for both winter and spring 2018 feature hidden yet secure zipper pockets–even special phone pockets–to add to a piece’s practicality but while providing interesting details. And before you ask, yes, there are still some sweat and yoga pants around but they are dressed up via an edgy taper just above the ankles and, of course, made of upgraded fabric. Pants with unexpected trim like lace or tassels seem to be a trend on the new comfy separates.

Comfort outerwear trends include classic bombers made of soft fabrics with metallic patterns or splashes of brocade. Hoodies are still around but with interesting details like extra-long sleeves with side laces. Trenches are in softer fabrics, oversized and often in two contrasting tones or featuring large blocks of color. The new trenches have classic tie belts as opposed to belts with proper buckles.

The comfy separate movement goes straight down to the underwear and includes pretty cotton bralettes that feature wide lacy straps that you want to show off. Socks come to the forefront as an accent when worn with the slip on mules that are so prevalent now; not surprisingly, luxury designers have come up with whole lines of cashmere and alpaca socks with fun designs.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match—and smile since you feel as chic and you do comfortable!

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