Top 7 Face Masks To Try for The Best Quarantine Skincare

TREND / 2020-05-20

Top 7 Face Masks To Try for The Best Quarantine Skincare

Waking up to a bunch of zoom meetings lined up and house chores has become the new normal. As bad as we want life to go back to ‘the normal’, quarantining ourselves right now is non-negotiable. Amid the lockdown, how we wish we could wake up to flawlessness every day, don’t we all?. We should, afterall, life is too short to walk around with a dull face. While the rest of the Covid-19 quarantine life requires much effort, the facial skincare part, we can fix easily. No, before you think, spritzing your face with shimmery mists or dabbing on oodles of highlighter isn’t what we’re talking about. We are talking about nourishing your facial skin from within and bringing out a natural, long lasting glow.

Causes like lack of sleep, stress, and age can rob your complexion of its radiance. To transform your skin you need some extra TLC right now, more than ever. The secret to gorgeous glowing skin lies in a luxurious mask. When it comes to selecting some of the best face masks for a lacklustre skin, Firstly try and have a look at what your skin looks like close-up. Then, on the basis of it, opt for products that are formulated for radiance, exfoliation, glow, moisture or deep cleanse. Secondly, the ingredients list runs in order of the quantity in the product's formula. For example, if aloe vera (often listed as 'aloe barbadensis leaf juice') is the first ingredient listed on the label of your soothing face mask, you know it has a very high quantity in the mask's formula. If it's the last ingredient on the list, you know it contains a low quantity of aloe vera. So keep an eye out for the key ingredients and whereabouts they sit on your face mask's label.

Still wondering how to get glowing skin? Ahead, the 5 essential face masks our editors love.

1. LA MER Brilliance Brightening Mask Set

If you’ve got dull skin, this brightening mask by La Mer is your BAE. This one is one of the best masks around with its potent 2-step mask. It delivers not just instant brightening benefits but visibly diminishes the look of dark spots and discoloration for a vibrantly luminous glow. Additionally, this gorgeous mask unclogs those pesky pores, while purifying your skin to reveal cherubesque luminosity. After priming and moisturizing, all it takes is 8 minutes of soaking in to revive that youthful glow.

2. ESTÉE LAUDER Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Mask Boost

Well, this multi-tasking anti-aging facial mask is your answer to dull skin, straight from the heavens above. Packed with Anti-Fatigue Complex and formulated with Estee Lauder’s trademark IntuiGen Technology, it works wonders on signs of ageing and lightens dark spots. No matter how tired, stressed, broken-out, or parched your skin may be, this one is out there to help.

3. KIEHL'S Calendula and Aloe Soothing Hydration Mask

Think of this mask as your genie in a bottle to get glowing and healthy facial skin. The Aloe Soothing Hydration Mask is crafted with Calendula flower petals with a rich blend of exquisite, antioxidant-rich aloe extracts. Great for getting rid of that stubborn tan, and working on that puffy skin, this is ideal for dry, normal and combination skin types. A lightweight soothing and hydrating facial gel mask

4. ELIZABETH ARDEN Visible Difference Peel and Reveal Revitalizing Mask

For all you multitasking marvels, Elizabeth Arden Peel and Reveal Revitalizing mask works just as hard as you. It is also an exfoliating mask formulated with Glycolic Acid, a powerful ingredient known for its gentle re-texturizing properties. This mask helps exfoliate & strengthen skin while stimulating natural cell turnover. It packs a punch of Cabernet Grape Seed Extract, a powerful antioxidant that brightens & unifies skin tone. Blended with botanical complexes and aloe vera, this one is your go-to for hydration, fine lines and porous skin as well.

5. SISLEY Deeply Purifying Mask With Tropical Resins

Summer is almost here and remember, sun rays can be harmful while you're inside your home as well. It is important to wear a sunscreen all day as well as add a mask with soothing properties to your skin care regimen. This mask contains clay and tropical resins known for absorbent, cleansing and astringent properties. It is safe for all skin types, and should be your top pick especially if you have an oily skin. It visibly improves the appearance of combination and oily skin without irritating the epidermis. And like most of Sisley’s beauty products, a little bit goes a long way with the mask. A 60ml tube will last you for months. Now this is one hell of an investment that you should be making right now!

6. DIOR BEAUTY Hydra Life-Glow Better Fresh Jelly Mask

Face masks have become the starting point of any luxurious skin care routine. The Dior Hydra Life-glow Jelly Mask just proves the same. High in mineral content and a garage of skin nutrients, this gel based mask will impart a long-lasting glow to give you a brighter, happier skin. One of the most treasured skincare products among the beauty gurus, it packs a lot of yummy botanical extracts like blueberry, sugar cane, orange, lemon and sugar maple!

7. GUERLAIN Orchidée Impériale Brightening The Imperial Radiance Mask

With both anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients, this sheet mask helps give skin a dewier, healthier appearance. Think of it like a moisturizer on steroids. Inspired by the professional expertise of Guerlain Institute, this innovative sheet mask infuses the skin with powerful brightening and age-defying active ingredients. It visibly erases dark spots and sources of shadows – caused by age, the environment and lifestyle – and regenerates the skin’s youthful radiance. With continued use, skin will look and feel firmer, bouncier, and all-around more youthful. There’s no better way to celebrate that weekly detox day on a weekend than this one, believe us if you may!

If you are going to give a shot to these wonderful 7 masks, get ready for the two sentences every woman loves to hear – ‘’Wow, your skin looks amazing! What’s your secret?’’. While a diligent skincare routine and a good night’s sleep are crucial to maintaining a radiant complexion, face masks are the secret to keep the compliments rolling. Plus, anyone who likes to show-off their beauty routines on social media will love these masks. They come in different shapes, colors and consistencies. Perfect for selfies!