Style Guide: 2020 Print Trends to Watch Out For This Season

TREND / 2020-02-19

Style Guide: 2020 Print Trends to Watch Out For This Season

Of 2020 print trends, specifically, spring-summer 2020 print trends, one thing we can all agree on and approve of has been the season’s explicit love for vibrant colours, hues, styles, prints, and eccentric styles. With winter slowly leaving us, we’re soon going to enjoy the warmth of the summer months ahead. And to keep up with the different types of prints in fashion from animal print outfits like leopard print outfits, and giraffe print outfits, to many other vibrant 2020 print trends, we bring you the best among all of spring 2020 print trends. As we move into the warmer months ahead, prepare to change up your wardrobe to catch up with spring summer 2020 print trends

From designers of the likes of Roberto Cavalli, Giambattista Valli to Jonathan Simkhai, Balenciaga and many more – we’ve seen spring 2020 runway fashion make its advent with bold colours from vibrant rainbow hues to polka dots, small & large prints, animal print outfits and various other types of prints in fashion. With a colour splash of bold patterns and designs, small and large florals, to prints and embroidery, choosing the right spring summer 2020 trending outfits can get daunting. To make your spring shopping a lot more fun, we bring you 2020 print trends in the best off-the-runway styles.

Trend #1 - Straight & zigzag stripes -

One of the things this season taught us was to play it up with colours and bright shades. After all, spring is here, and what better time to take those rainbow stripes and other colourful spring outfits out from your closet, and strut them like the true fashionista that you are. Our favourite among bright colour outfits for this spring is the rainbow coloured stripes which exudes a fun, flirty, summery and quirky look. Of spring summer 2020 trending outfits, many luxury designers have been able to capture the best of colours with their 2020 collection. Join the colour frenzy this season; if you’re looking for a pop of colour to add to all your outfits – we say get the best of them all – right from Dior to Paco Rabanne, Rokh and many more.

Trend #2 - The polka dots print -

Our love for polka dots fashion is endless. Among spring 2020 print trends, if there’s a print trend that will forever remain timeless in its elegance while still being playful and flirtatious, it’s the polka dots print. And if you’re one like us, and think and feel the same way we do about polka dots, we’ve got the best news for you this season. The polka dots print is back, and it’s back with a bigger and splashier bang! Indulge your fashion senses in a slew of oversized polka prints and miniature polkas as this 2020 is ripe for both.

Trend #3 - Gradients over monotones -

We’ve already expressed our love for colours and brighter hues among spring 2020 print trends. However, we were totally aboard this particular treat – the treat of mellow and sprightly gradients. From softer shades of dresses like pastels and peaches, to blush orange and cream, gradients were ruling the runway season and our faces have turned into the heart-eye emoji – we’re so in love. Not just that, what accompanied gradients this season was the very attractive outfits with many different tie-dye designs. With designers like Dior, Oscar de la Renta, and many more, following in on the tie-dye fashion, spring summer 2020 print trends have truly witnessed a glorious and colourful awakening.

MAGGIE MARILYN Drawn to Me Ruched Top

Trend #4 - Animal prints -

With fashion week going strong and bolder this year, the spring 2020 fashion trends showed a slew of newer animal print designs for the year 2020. From the giraffe prints to zebra prints, python prints, leopard prints and a variety of other animal-inspired prints, we’ve seen the best of the animal prints fashion this season. From overcoats and scarves, and other layers, to skirts and blazers, and boots, the animal print trend has indeed seen a revival this year. Indulge in the best of the animal print fashion this year, and spruce up your look with a trusted pair of animal print boots or a blazer.

Trend #5 - Embroidered prints -

Our love for embroidered fashion was not actualised this week but is a romance that dates back to several years ago. If you look through the history of fashion and art, embroidery has played a very key role in the evolution of fashion over the years. And among spring summer 2020 print trends, embroidered prints have made a massive comeback – and when we say massive, we mean it. With delicate lace embroideries to woven and knitted embroidered patterns, this season has seen the best in the embroidered prints fashion. From designers of the likes of Elie Saab, to Versace, Dior, and Self Portrait, we’re really spoiled for choice when it comes to embroidered prints in fashion this season.

Trend #6 - Florals are back -

If you’re ever going for a retro spring summer look, we know florals are a print style that we can always count on. But this year, you won’t be plucking a page off the fashion books of the sixties, because florals are back in fashion and is a spring summer 2020 print trend this year. From multicolours to different coloured roses in various shapes and sizes, we’re ready to dress up for summer and walk out looking like a meadow. With many fashion-forward floral print styles from designers of the likes of Gucci, Versace, Self Portrait, and many more, there are more than a hundred ways to pull off the florals look this season.

Trend #7 - Rose prints are in -

Because our love for florals is so timeless, we decided that the rose print deserves a dedicated post in itself. One of the boldest and bravest prints of the season has been the return of the rose print trend in larger-than-life sizes and playful hues. Play around with this perfect spring summer look by choosing to pair it with a silk scarf, a pair of trusted boots, an overcoat, and a fun and flirtatious pair of Dior sunglasses. Stay true to your spring wardrobe and invest in the best spring 2020 print trends with large floral prints outfits this season. 

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