SS 2020 Style Watch: Top 7 Makeup Trends to Invest in This Year

TREND / 2020-02-05

SS 2020 Style Watch: Top 7 Makeup Trends to Invest in This Year

What the runways saw this year was a slew of newer and more vibrant makeup trends for 2020. Be it your go-to red lipstick, or softer hues of pink, we’ve seen a range of colors and shades that work perfectly as single colors, as well as dual-tones to get just the right color on your lip. Not just that, from glossy lips to glossy skin, to vibrant statement-making neon eyeshadows and contouring, these spring summer 2020 makeup trends have us swooning in delight.

If anything, makeup trends 2020 has taught us one thing – go big or go home. With Giambattista Valli making waves with decorated pastel shade flower petals stuck on the dewy skins of spring-summer runway models, the season has seen a range of bright colored lipsticks to charismatic statement-making eyeshadows and more. It’s truly the season to shine. Lay off the neutrals and indulge in summer makeup trends that are bold, and bring out the intrepid fashionista in you.

1. The iridescent facial glow -

For makeup trends winter 2020, apart from the newest makeup trends, the one look that we’re all obsessed with is the healthy tint of glossy glow on the face. This almost iridescent skin glow trick has made waves in the spring makeup trends and is our favorite takeaway from makeup trends spring summer 2020. It’s so good, it almost feels as though you’ve applied stardust on your skin.

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2. Neon bright eyes -

Neutral shades have gotten boring, and all the more after this season’s slew of exciting colors and shades. From electric purple to neon greens and cobalt blue – Pantone’s color of the year, the colorful and vibrant trend is definitely one worth investing in. Why? Well simply because of the way runway models sported neon-bright eyes and fluorescent hues of eye shadows. The best part about the trend this season has been the mixing of colors to exude a gradient-like layer of velvety eye-magic. Bold is indeed beautiful this year.

3. Glitter eye makeup (single & dual tones) -

From the moment Bella Hadid walked down the runway at the Spring 2020 Fendi show, the internet has been crooning over her glitter-eyes showstopping makeup look, and has become the next big thing in spring-summer 2020 makeup trends. It isn’t difficult to get the look once you’ve perfected the rimmed kohl-liner on your eye. To add just the right oomph to your regular black kohl eyeliner look, deliberately smudge the black liner applied on your lids before throwing on some glitter. Turn any of your day-looks into glamourous party-looks with the new glitter spring makeup trends.

4. Colorful cat eyes -

Of summer makeup trends, the colorful cat-eye trend is one that we simply can’t get over. While the season is ripe for colors and neons and fluorescent shades, it is also the time when the retro cat-eye look got a massive makeover with dual-toned eyeliner in the winged style, leaving you feeling like you’re on top of the world. This season, stay on top of spring-summer makeup trends 2020 by making a fashionable statement in vibrant and colorful single-toned or dual-toned cat-eyes.

5. Timeless in red -

When it comes to makeup for women, the color red is one that is never going to leave us any time soon. Be it a dressed-up look, or a casual day out in the Sun, there’s a lot that one can do with red lipstick. This season’s makeup trends too, like most others, have seen the return of the bold red lipstick. With a combination of matte hues mixed with cherry-red and nudes, red bold lipstick is all you need while leaving the rest of your makeup bare. The clean glowing skin with a stark red lipstick is the most prominent of most summer makeup trends to go for this season. Stay cool and make a fashion-forward statement with bold brows, finishing off every 2020 makeup trends look with a complementing shade of lip-liner.

6. White eyeliner -

What many of us did not expect in spring-summer makeup trends 2020 is that it would make an entry with the statement-making bold white eyeliner, and yet that is exactly what happened. What was more amazing was the way in which it was pulled off on the runway, leaving us wanting to replicate exactly that look. Like we said before, this season is truly running on the motto of go big or go home, and we’re not one to complain. If you’re looking to invest in the best of spring-summer makeup trends 2020, we’ll say with confidence that the white eyeliner is an absolute must-have. Truly. Look no further than this bold yet elegant statement-making eyeliner trend.

7. Bare glossy lips -

Wet & glossy lips, but eye gloss? Seriously—models wore it on their lips, lids, and skin…it’s that big of a trend for spring. Use clear face gloss (Aquaphor works in a pinch) and tap it on your lids, cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, and on your lips. If you want a little extra color on your lips, just layer the gloss over a lipstick or tinted lip balm.

Indeed, for spring-summer makeup trends 2020, you’ve got to think bold and artsy. This season, unlike the ones before, has featured almost every rainbow color, proudly showcasing inclusivity and independence. The season has returned once again to remind us that our love for colors is never going to die. It’s almost as though the season’s makeup trends arrived just teach us about fun and letting go, giving us the best tool to express your own individual fashion sense. From graphic eyes to shiny gloss and sparkles, step out of your comfort zone and invest in these incredible makeup trends winter 2020.