6 Ways To Rescue Your Troubled Skin

TREND / 2020-01-15

6 Ways To Rescue Your Troubled Skin

The most annoying part about pimples is their arrival when you’re least expecting it. We’ve lost count of those annoying zits popping up just before that party, and sadly for people with sensitive skin, make- up becomes a heavy price to pay, as a go-to option. 

Good skin is a product of days, months, years of care and self-love. It involves a series of healthy decisions around diet, usage of products, sleep, and lifestyle practices. But let’s face it, we’re all flakers – well, maybe not all – but a lot of us are. And for people like us, we suggest these skin rescue and fixes, along with a few lifestyle changes to soothe those skin trouble days.

1. Change your diet -

A lot of times any kind of skin trouble is a product of bad lifestyle choices, one of which is bad eating habits. No matter how much product you apply on your face, if you can’t take care of the food you eat and give your body the nourishment it deserves, it’ll start to appear on your skin. For a quick skin rescue, Avoid fatty foods and a heavy carb diet. Nourish your body with raw fruits and vegetables every time you’re craving an unhealthy binge.

2. Hydrate your skin -

Of all organic skincare, it doesn’t get more organic than this. Hydrating your skin is as important as hydrating your body. There is no better cure for bad skin than drinking plenty of water throughout the day and including fruit and vegetable juices into your diet. Freshly made carrot and beetroot juice have long been known as a quick skin remedy. Not only that, they are a rich source of vitamins that nourish and hydrate your skin. So if you’re looking for a skin rescue, we’ve got three words – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

3. Avoid using harsh skincare products -

The best beauty products are organic. Incorporate natural skincare products into your skincare regimen. Skincare products should be free of parabens, perfumes, and other scents. Soaps should be gentle on the skin, and moisturizers should be used daily. When you consume such products on a daily basis it’s important to always make it a healthy choice for your skin to avoid any kind of skin trouble. So, for the best beauty products, invest in natural and organic skin care, and always know a brand before you make a purchase.

4. Wash your face -

The ever increasing pollution levels seem to have taken a toll on not just our internal bodies, but the external – our skin too. It’s important to wash your face regularly with a skin-friendly face wash – at least 2, maybe 3 times a day. Make it a habit to wash your face in the morning, and every night before bed to rid your skin of the toxins of the day and avoid any skin trouble. Additionally, carry a face mask as a part of your daily essentials and stay clear of all those toxins that could pile on your skin.

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5. Steam your face -

One of the best ways of skin rescue is steaming your face. Steaming opens up the pores on your face and loosens up any buildup of dirt. The idea behind steaming your face is to do a deeper cleanse and rid your skin of blemishes that may not necessarily come off with a single wash. Looking for a quick skin rescue? Steaming your face with essential oils or tea extract promotes circulation and is the best way to help your skin on those bad skin days.

6. Use DIY facemasks -

Of all the natural skincare products, nothing beats the good old DIYs. We all have those unfortunate days, and sometimes it helps to take a break from the overuse of products and give yourself a quick skin rescue with fresh and raw DIY facemasks.

Honey is a great natural solution for irritable skin. It moisturizes your skin to reduce irritation and keeps it soft and supple. 


Aloe Vera is another great example for a DIY facemask. Aloe vera is one of the quickest ways to get rid of acne. Gently apply the gel from the plant onto your skin and leave it on for an hour before washing.


Lemon juice & oatmeal paste along with egg white is said to have great remedial effects on your skin. Oatmeal has antioxidants which help reduce any kind of inflammation or swelling on the skin, the acid in the lemon cleans your pores of harmful bacteria and the egg helps tighten your skin with its vitamin E, overall making for a simple homemade DIY mask.