9 Fall 2020 color trends: What fashion colors for fall winter 2020?

COVER STORY / 2019-09-02

9 Fall 2020 color trends: What fashion colors for fall winter 2020?

Fall fashion brings extra joy and comfort of dressing for the minimalist enthusiasts, as this season by default calls for natural and fall winter colors. However, this fall-winter season, fall 2020 color trends are pushing the boundaries as a shift from the popular minimalism trend and every color in the trend forecast seems to be telling a different story. The truly autumnal shades in the fall 2020 color trends are a mixture of creamy yellows like Butterscotch and Antique Moss, along with deep and darker tones like Forest Biome and Tyrian Purple, while it also includes nutty browns like Hazel and Sugar Almond. These drool-worthy shades make 2019 Fall-Winter absolutely wait-worthy. Let’s look What fashion colors for fall winter 2020 for the upcoming season.

1. Crabapple

Peachy but not very pinkish, rosy but not extremely red, that’s how unusual Crabapple can be. It is a rosy peach tone that is quite feminine and light. Beautiful but a rather unconventional choice for the fall 2020 color trends.

From Stella McCarteny fall 2019 collection

From Rejina Pyo fall 2019 ready-to-wear collection


2. Peach Pink

Peach pink is a muted version of the coral colour. It’s actually quite similar to Crabapple, but it is slightly lighter and saturated. Seen on the fall 2020 runways of Versace, Givenchy, and many more ace fashion houses, this colour is perfect for fall outfits; carry a little summer into the harsh cold winters.

SEA Calah Cotton V-neck Midi Dress

STELLA JEAN High Neck Ruffled Trim Waist Tie Blouse

3. Hazel

Too nutty to be true! Hazel is a delightful warm brown that has a hint of peach hue to it. One of our favorites among all the fashion colors for fall 2019. Hazel was the show-stopping color for Vivienne Westwood’s fall 2019 collection. This color acted as the main hue for Burberry and Ryan Roche runways as well.

ALEXA CHUNG Panel Detail Trench Coat

4. Sugar Almond

You’d get sugar almond if you mix a little bit of red and gold to Hazel. With fall 2020 being red ready, this shade of brown is an instant fit and hit. A rather appetizing and loud hue, it can turn your look into a statement when shade of brown paired well with animal prints like Ulla Johnson did on their runway. The fall color palette permeated through the Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta fall 2020 collections as well.

5. Green Olive (PANTONE 17-0535 TCX)

One of the most wearable and natural colors In the fall/ winter 2020 color trends, Green Olive will work for just about anyone. John Elliot, Stella McCartney, Miuccia Prada, and MiuMiu used a lot of Green Olive in their fall 2019 collections.

GANNI Broderie Anglaise Eyelet Lace High Neck Tie Blouse

MARISSA WEBB Lukas Striped Cropped Sweater

6. Frost Gray

Frost gray makes a perfect color for luxe fabrics. A very easy and classy color to pull off while going for a monochrome look, many designers showcased trousers, jackets, scarves and dresses featuring Frost Gray. Practical yet an amusing statement-making color for sure!

7. Crème de Pêche

This barely-there peach is borderline beige, resulting in a rich creamy hue. This color is totally feminine and perfect for day as well as night time.

8. Rutabaga

Rutabaga is a very light beige that stood out when it came in monochromatic looks for fall 2020 color trends. A clever color for bridal wear, this color makes a perfect option for formal wear as well. Proenza Schouler is a luxury label known for playing with neutrals, and they have used Rutabaga quite a bit in crafting their latest collection.

9. Vanilla Custard

This lovely ivory shade was the runway star at the Milan and New York fashion weeks. It was showcased in knitwear as well as in the form of fitted dresses. Vanilla Custard was one of the opening outfits at Dolce & Gabbana runway as well. The pale color was a Valentino favorite for fall 2020 as well.