Smell like summer in RANCÉ, LES PARFUMS DE ROSINE and CREED

Smell like summer in RANCÉ, LES PARFUMS DE ROSINE and CREED

Spring-summer 2019 calls for a fresher and a rather lighter approach on perfumes. Musks and woody notes are good but citrus smells, fruity-florals, and mountain water  are the best choices for this season. From Les Parfums De Rosine’s rose zest scent to Rance’s melon and passion fruit notes, there are an unequaled number of brand new spring-summer perfumes all contending for space atop your dressing table this year.

The light and crispy fragrances by Creed are typical of the warmer weather, have been met with doses of aroma therapeutic notes like Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Greek Violet and more. A single spritz of the perfumes by these premium brands is enough to transport you to exotic destinations. Smell like summer in the all new summer perfumes you need to splash out on.

Les Parfums De Rosine

Les Parfumes de Rosine is a French perfume brand that was created by Marie-Hélène Rogeon. Marie-Hélène was fascinated by the perfumery since she was very young as she was influenced by her family of perfume makers. With her immense love for roses, later in life Rogeon have created a collection of her own rose-based perfumes that would range from very sensual to fresh and delicate. Today, Les Parfums de Rosine offers a wide selection of exquisitely presented variety of floral perfumes that tell stories and win hearts.

Top picks of the month

LES PARFUMS DE ROSINE Rose Des Neiges For Women Eau De Parfum

This one is summer in a bottle, literally, with its fresh crisp musky base notes, fruity top notes that are not overtly fruity, and flower heart notes. The Pink pepper, Watermelon, and rose essence are there from the first spritz.

LES PARFUMS DE ROSINE Un Zest De Rose For Women Eau De Parfum

This one is a far cry from the sickly over-sweet scents that smell like bananas. The Un Zest De Rose For Women Eau De Parfum is a surprisingly sophisticated perfume that reimagines the citrus fruit with hints of lemon zest and orange peel. Jasmine, Bergamot, and Rose add that luxe tropical jungle retreat feel to it.


Creed is one of the most exclusive fragrance companies in the world. Originally found in 1760 in London, The House of Creed was supplying the English court with custom clothing, gloves, and fragrances. James Creed, the founder of the company, has not only created fragrances for King George III and Queen Victoria, but for many other British and European royalties. Today, The House of Creed, that is so adored by numerous celebrities, is headquartered in Paris with multiple luxurious boutiques across the globe.

Top picks of the month

CREED Spring Flower For Women Eau De Parfum

More fruity and floral than sweet and woody, this fragrance from the house of Creed was probably inspired by a dream and secret garden. Perfection for the current season and summer soirees!

CREED Love In White For Women Eau De Parfum

A bit salty and lot floral is really the perfect name for this scent. The Mysore Sandalwood note is bright, but the  French Daffodils accord keeps it smelling more like a luxe island vacation than a poolside cocktail.


Rancé has been established in the 1600s, however, until 1795 the company was only producing gloves for the French Aristocracy. Only after 1795 François Rancé, the founder of the brand, has turned the direction of the company into perfumery and even became the favorite perfumer of Napoleon. Today, Rancé is run by the seventh generation of Rancé family that treasures family’s traditional view on perfumery, blended with the true love for the industry. Rancé is the perfect example of an elegant French fragrance house that found the right balance between traditions and trendsetting.

Top picks of the month

RANCÉ Hélène For Women Eau De Parfum

Cinnamon and Orange Flowers are the stars in this Hélène scent by Rance. It's flabbergastingly light on the skin, but it's definitely a scent for perfume-wearers who aren't afraid of bolder powdery starchy notes like the Iris.

RANCÉ Hortense For Women Eau De Parfum

Hortense by Rance is designed for the woman who wants to be noticed. If you'd consider your personal style to be inclined towards Bohemian, then this warm and sunny scent is just for you. It has Bulgarian rose and Ceylon cinnamon at the heart of it, Lebanese cedar, mahogany, and vanilla at the base, pepper, bergamot, and nutmeg at the top.