How to ace asymmetric skirts style in 2020?

How to ace asymmetric skirts style in 2020?

Get ready to hit the streets wearing this fabulous, underrated trend – asymmetric skirts are trending yet again. If you have never tried an asymmetrical skirt or are currently in search for a perfect skirt that will highlight your look, leaving enough room for experimentation, then we recommend you to take a close-up look at these skirts. Even though asymmetrical skirts are gorgeous, they can be quite unusual and even complicated for some people. This is why it is better to stick to the rules of some wearing these skirts. We have compiled key style tips for you to ace the asymmetrical skirt style in 2020 and you can go about wearing them in parrot-fashion.

Lots of Instagram fashionistas and celebrities seem intrigued by this skirt and are wearing this unique design everywhere – from daily basics to formal appearances. But before we jump into the drool-worthy outfit inspirations and tips, the main question to answer is, why asymmetry? The answer is, asymmetrical cuts are feminine, elegant and extremely versatile, plus, it’s nice to wear something a little more interesting than a basic maxi skirt. Read on for tips on how to choose the right asymmetrical skirts for your that can give you a stand-out style!

PRABAL GURUNG Binod Color-Block Hi-Lo Midi Skirt

MSGM Gonna Floral Mesh Ruffled Maxi Skirt

Length of the skirt: When it comes to skirts, you just can’t ignore the length. Doing so can turn out to be disastrous and ruin your whole outfit. Since there are many kinds of lengths available in asymmetrical styles, make sure you know which length is suitable for your body type, before buying one.

Mini skirts: An asymmetrical cut essentially lends an angle for skin revelation. Hence, ideally, mini or micro-mini skirts should not be asymmetrical as they are already too revealing.

Short skirts: Asymmetrical short skirts have a tendency to make you look a bit taller. So it’s a win-win combination to show off some skin while keeping things comfortable.

Mid-length skirts: For modest dressing, choose a calf-length asymmetrical skirt.

Knee-length skirts: Knee-length asymmetrical skirts are the most suitable for office but they work for cocktail parties as well.

Full-length asymmetrical skirt: The perfect pick for bohemian feel. These skirts can be worn formally on a beach wedding or a desert safari tour. Wearing an oversized asymmetrical skirt to work meetings or formal events can ruin your impression, so better avoid that completely.

Shoes With asymmetrical Dress/Skirt: Nude stilettos or pointed toes pumps are the two shoes that will sure-shot look amazing with short to knee-length asymmetrical skirts. You can experiment a lot in terms of shoes when it comes to full-length skirts especially. Sneakers and even flip-flops sometimes look cool with a maxi length asymmetrical skirt.


ALICE MCCALL Surrender Mermaid Midi Skirt

Dressy and sassy

First things first – you are free to wear either tights or pantyhose with asymmetrical skirts, so have no doubt about that. This is also a reason why these skirts make a really chic choice for office. Just remember to take into consideration the color and fabric of your skirt while opting for it for a formal occasion or to work. For light-colored skirts in thinner fabrics, go for pantyhose, while for thicker and darker ones you need to wear tights.

Even without tights or pantyhose, you are absolutely good to go with a formal top tucked into the skirt and color-matched accessories. Now, you want the skirt to be the main focus of your outfit, so it’s better to choose simple and neutral color footwear and draw everyone's attention up to the skirt. Take a look at the images below for some outfit inspiration.

SOLACE LONDON Noe Asymmetric Ruffled Leather Midi Skirt

Casually dressed to impress

While wearing asymmetrical skirts for a casual outing, go for tomboyish look with leather jackets and mannish blazers or keep things refined with some sporty luxe by adding luxurious athletic style tops. And if you’re having any doubts about wearing asymmetrical skirts casually, remember – these god-send bottoms are ideal for accentuating your best assets and hiding problem areas.

SELF-PORTRAIT Floral Asymmetric Ruched Midi Skirt

So Boho

Holidays are fun, so is dressing up. An asymmetrical draped skirt or a ruffle maxi skirt with asymmetrical cut paired with a tank top or a cozy pullover, along some fine detailing accessories is a very easy to go (and instagrammable) look. Be it beachside galas, summer weddings and friends getting together for brunch, an asymmetrical skirt is a reliable choice to enhance your look.

ALEXIS Brill High Waist Maxi Slit Skirt

Keep it sexy

Asymmetrical skirts make it super easy to keep it sexy and ladylike, just like matching separates do. Skirts with high slits or relaxed draping, look not just super sexy but so party-ready.

Go for a solid color or denim skirt and pair it with a sequined or metallic crop-top or a bustier. Complete the look with a blazer if you want to add some modesty to your outfit. Black suede stiletto heels are just the heels you need to amp up this outfit.

ELLERY Faintest Sound Asyammetric Draped Maxi Skirt

By now you might be feeling that after all, this style is not so complicated to wear! And you are right. If you choose the right design and length, asymmetrical skirts are fun and easy to adapt to. Try out some asymmetrical skirts this year to keep your overall outfit chic and refined. Life’s too short to be afraid of adding an edge to your wardrobe.