Olivia Palermo has the best choice in Sunglasses, hands down

Olivia Palermo has the best choice in Sunglasses, hands down

Olivia Palermo is many things and among them, she is probably most famous for being the street style star that she is. Palermo has mastered the art of sporting a good pair of sunglasses. It seems like she can pull off n number of combinations of sunglasses and outfits together and step out looking totally glam. The fab fashionista has taken over the fashion industry with her style and we can’t help but note her on-trend sunglasses game. Some of her favorite designer sunglasses include luxury brands like Dior and laid-back brands like Ray Ban.

Moving on from the ultra-tiny, '90s-inspired frames and oversized sunglasses, the normal sized sunglasses are climbing their way back to the top, thanks to Olivia Palermo. She has recently launched a new collection of the perfect-sized frames in collaboration with Westward Leaning. It is said that Olivia has designed all the sunglasses in this collection herself.

Olivia in a pair of white frame sunglasses from the Olivia X Westward Leaning collection.

Olivia in another pair of chic sunglasses from the Olivia X Westward Leaning collection.

Palermo's sunglasses collection ranges from high-tech sporty to feminine cat-eye. Her sunglasses style is always on fleek with all the possible shapes, colors, crazy patterns, coatings and sizes that you can imagine. After spending a considerable amount of time on the internet and her Instagram page, we’ve hand-picked a few of the most enviable sunglasses that she has been spotted wearing. Have a look.

Olivia in a pair of oversized black cat eye sunnies, her classic style.

A different day, a different outfit and the same pair of oversized black cat eye sunnies.

This is one of the best Olivia Palermo looks of all time. Part boss-lady, part retro and fully flattering. This look is proof that tinted statement shades make all the difference.

A rose gold pair of sunglasses with raised brow-bar is perfect for summer.

Olivia Palermo is also a Tan Queen.

An expertly put-together outfit with incredibly chic sunglasses. She wore this outfit out on the street of Milan wearing striped skirt and topped off the outfit with her favorite accessory: a pair of blue sunglasses that happened to cost her only $40.

Extreme cat-eye, extreme panache.